24 hours in the city of angels

Los Angeles, the city of angels, the city of dreams. A city that speaks for itself, already stimulates the synapses and makes people fantasize. Hollywood, Universal Studios, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills. Hardly any city in the USA combines so much glitter and glamor. And tragedy. Los Angeles is still one of the cities with the highest gang crime rate in the United States. Wiki knows over 400 active gangs. South LA, Compton and Lynwood. Districts that are better avoided at nightfall. And yet, this city always appeals to me personally. Time for an intensive trip to Los Angeles.

24 hours in the city of angels

In a city where 2,85 cars are stolen every hour, choosing the right companion is everything. He must be sophisticated. Have a tradition. He should have power. A little sinful and wicked. Still style and of course an eight-cylinder. So it is a good thing that Mercedes gave its own roadster icon SL a facelift at the beginning of the year. As a Mercedes-AMG SL63, my LA shuttle is parked in front of the hotel. In hyacinth red. There are too few red cars anyway. An excellent choice.

24 hours in LA 006 Mercedes-AMG SL 63

This car belongs to Los Angeles

Even if you are stuck in a traffic jam on 8-lane motorways within the urban area. The Los Angeles juggernaut actually allows only one choice of transportation. The car. In our case 577 hp powerful V8 bi-turbo. And yes, dear nerds, in the USA it's 577 hp - with us the 5.5 liter V8 stomps with 585 hp. But that doesn't make a difference. But - in the land of the 65 mph restriction, 10 hp would more or less be irrelevant anyway. The deep bass is much more important. The cozy grumble with which the travel companion gets going. From the hotel in Downtown LA it goes to the first sightseeing point. The Hollywood Sign. The big sign with the letters of the glittering and dream city. Hollywood. Getting to what is probably the city's most important landmark is made difficult. The most beautiful way is via N Beachwood Drive towards the Lake Hollywood Sign. Large warning signs announce: No access to the Hollywood sign. The winding ride up the hill takes you right through one of the hearts of Hollywood.

24 hours in LA 002 Mercedes-AMG SL 63

24 hours in LA - time needs to be used

577 hp tug at the rear axle, the US cops probably call it reckless driving when you submit to the excess power of the AMG-SL. For me it is the "quick" threading into the rush hour traffic. Which, by the way, almost never slacks off. Open through the night. Breathe in the emotions of this city. Cared for by the SL. If it weren't for super-warm 28 ° after sunset, August is the month in which the devil spends his summer vacation on the west coast, the SL would want to flatter with a hot-air blow dryer. So the seat ventilation blows and the windows stay down. The air should flirt a little through the SL. When open, the sideline of the new SL stretches out in length. The hook nose was changed a little during the facelift, the grille is now upside down. The picture is more coherent. But still one thing above all: Noticeable.

24 hours in LA 003 Mercedes-AMG SL 63

Burger & Fries

Of course you use the Drive-Thru in the USA. Just don't get out. I choose the parking lot for a stop at In-n-Out Burger. Shortly go around the car. And greasy burger sauce in the SL? A no-go. The fresh but greasy burgers from In-n-Out? Always better than at McDonalds. A group of teenagers surround the SL. OH, to AMG!  In a city where movie stars are part of the daily business, the mode of transportation must be chosen carefully.

The burger becomes a supporting role. How much horsepower does the Merc have? The most important topic.

24 hours in LA 066 Mercedes-AMG SL 63

Next stop? The Griffith Observatory. Good time? During opening hours - or in the evening when the sun sets over LA, the city becomes a sea of ​​lights. Directions to Griffith Observatory is also suitable for the first sound check. A small - rather narrow - tunnel becomes the SL's acoustic room. Neutral. The driving dynamics switch on Sport +, the flaps in the exhaust system are set to pull-through and the aggressive accelerator pedal characteristic lets the 5.5 liter turn sharply in the direction of 6.000. Wheelspin? Anytime possible. Looks a little getting used to on the elite SL - but here - in Los Angeles, within Hollywood's reach, the show is part of the program.

Griffith Park is a small green hill that separates the city from the north. Beyond and well worth a visit: Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios and of course Universal Pictures. All larger studios offer guided tours. Touring Universal Studios is a whole day thing. I only have 24 hours for LA. The studio tours have to wait.

The night falls over Los Angeles and the dream city changes. There are areas to avoid. You want to avoid. A minimum of $ 151.000 SL is not a walk through Lynwood or Compton at night. Venice is questionable as soon as night falls, Santa Monica Pier offers itself, and of course it does Rodeo Drive.

The number of “old Benz” you can find all over Los Angeles is impressive. Including the direct predecessor of my “LA Shuttle”. The state of many “Mercs” is a little sad. The merciless sun of California and the lack of understanding of the American for the care of a cultural asset, they gnaw on the imported models.

24 hours in LA 008 Mercedes-AMG SL 63

Breakfast all day long

Breakfast. At any time of the day or night. A recommendation from the countless guides for the trip to Los Angeles was “The original pantry cafe” - shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning, the aroma of coffee and the overwhelming smell of frying fat greets us. Once everything, the order to the waiter. Once everything is on the table. Including a slice of ham, enough on its own to end hunger in Africa. The inevitable hash browns and ice water. Every bite of the hash browns is recorded directly in the credit account for your own cholesterol level. The fluffy pancakes are a must. Likewise the chewy syrup. Every bite is punished with an entry on the homepage of the diabetes club. Seriously. Dear Californians, we need to talk. Satisfied, it goes back to the SL. Open the roof until the sun shines through the few high-rise buildings in Los Angeles. The better breakfast is probably found by chance. As is so often the case, you just have to get involved in a city like this.

I had created my own Google Map for Los Angeles. Sights deposited. A clear route worked out beforehand. Take the maximum of impressions within 24 hours. Turn off Rodeo Drive, cruise through Beverly Hills. Head down to St. Anaheim and visit Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Visit Bel Air, of course, and hang out on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in the evening.

24 hours in LA 007 Mercedes-AMG SL 63

24-hour LA - 24-hour new Mercedes-AMG SL

Los Angeles stretches over 498 square miles. Goes seamlessly from downtown to the villa areas in the north and the somewhat mixed areas in the south. Over 300 days of sunshine a year, plus the breathtaking west coast of the USA. Los Angeles lives from this very special light. It may be imagination, but under the California sun, the SL's hyacinth red paint sticks right into your heart. So. And that's the only way the SL has to be on the road. In addition, the carbon fiber around the exhaust and the flaps on the front. The small carbon spoiler lip on the rump contributes to the sportiness of the driver. Excuse me, I'll have to spend the last few minutes in LA at the Santa Monica Pier. Watch the hyacinth red sun set in the Pacific. Was it glowing red? It doesn't matter - the main thing is us - the SL and me - we repeat these 24 hours again ...

24 hours in LA 012 Mercedes-AMG SL 63





Photos: Partly Johannes "five point six" Schlörb My list of "LA 24h-Sights" can be found here!

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