4matic - Now also available in the V-Class

The V-Class from Mercede-Benz is aimed more at families without budget worries, freelancers or the self-employed than really at craftsmen. With the latest generation of the V-Class, Mercedes-Benz has moved out of the pure commercial vehicle corner and is parking it new V-class rather in the upscale leisure segment. Or at least as a spacious business shuttle above dull taxi demands.

To ensure traction on snow, Mercedes-Benz has introduced the V-Class with four-wheel drive in Paris. 4matic calls Mercedes its own four-wheel drive Already for nearly 30 years.

During a test drive on the high alpine road in the direction of Timmelsjoch, the V250 BlueTEC (soon to be only V 250d) 4matic has faced the chilly conditions. 

The Mercedes modular system has a seven-speed automatic transmission for the new V-Class with a longitudinally mounted engine, as well as the all-wheel drive components known from the C and E-Class. An additional distributor box on the automatic box is used to distribute the power to the front axle. The power is constantly distributed in the ratio of 45 to 55 in favor of the rear axle. Mercedes-Benz achieves a locking effect of the differentials on the front or rear axles by intervening in the brakes. 4ETS is what Mercedes-Benz calls the complex computer brain for controlling power distribution and control interventions.

From the whole computer spook the driver gets nothing first. The goal of the technicians was to offer an all-wheel drive, which offers traction without end, but does not put the driver before additional tasks. Simply press the boot onto the right pedal, 440 Nm of the V250 BlueTEC into the transmission and off you go. This works on asphalt and on snow. From the control interventions remains little to feel, the first slightly muddy high alpine road pulls the recreational van unperturbed. When the road finally turns white, the driver has got used to the good-natured and clearly defined driving behavior.

The slightly raised seating position helps navigate within the snow walls, you can see the next corner a tad earlier and now think that an all-wheel-drive system offers more traction on start-up, but much of the stopping stability has no advantage during braking, which delays the V Class stable in the next corner.

Business class with traction

Anyone who thinks now that such a “business class van” with an economical diesel engine and traction up to the point would be exactly the right choice should briefly take a look at the price list of the V-Class. The V250 BlueTEC 4matic has a good € 51.500 on the price tag. And there were no catches in the seductive surcharge list. The next winter vacation could then be canceled ...

V 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC
Cylinder number / arrangement
4 / R
Displacement (cm3)
Rated power (kW / hp at 1 / min)
140 / 190 on 3800
Nominal torque (Nm at 1 / min)
440 on 1400-2400
Consumption combined from (l / 100 km)
CO2Emission combined (g / km)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s)
Maximum speed (km / h)


  • The V-Class conveys a lot of safety as 4matic, even in adverse road conditions.
  • With 9 gears you would be "state of the art" - so the V-buyer must be satisfied with the 7-gear automatic.



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