4matic - traction advantage for the C-Class

The current C-Class is said to be the best threesome BMW of all time. It was something like that when Axel came back from the international driving event in Marseille. Well - Axel is one of mine Favorite bloggers and therefore also one of mine Favorite Editorsbut of course he is completely wrong with this conclusion!

Because a Mercedes-Benz can never be a BMW. BMWs are the “dynamic ones” and then Audi was also involved, those with all-wheel drive and such. So, by logic, a Mercedes has to remain a Mercedes. Comfortable and kind of so - boring. Nice in front of your own garage, of course, but romping up a snowy slope - no, you don't use a “Benz” - or do you?

Let's fetz: When six pots get under steam and four wheels bite in the snow.

Mercedes-Benz C400 4matic approaching the Timmelsjoch.

Please take it slow, the first time in the direction of the pass museum. Up at 2.509 meters there would be good snow and there would also be some ice sheets on the way there. Of course, it's all about four-wheel drive 4matic, which can now be combined in the C-Class with the new V6 turbo and its 333 hp ... And of course it is “fully effective” ... but despite the traction advantage you should get yourself ... blah blah ... yeah, yeah, klar.

First go through the menu of the on-board computer. Just make out the ESP? Does not go today. Menu, Settings, Wizards, Unnecessary. On the way to the first hairpin turn off the practical and safe (!) Helpful assistance systems. But what the S124 could, the W205 will be able to - Not? In the case of the C400, 480 Nm want to be milled through the snow. So the ESP may be a good idea before the sedan gets rid of the side guide after the winter tires. But in the back of my mind I have the torque distribution of the all-wheel drive: rear-heavy. And that means? Something has to go wrong.

The 2.996 cc V6 can be helped with breathing by two turbos. In principle, you don't notice anything about them, just the result. Build up boost pressure and get started with a delay? Not really noticeable. The 333 hp V6 goes to work smoothly and quickly. Do the tires feel that when they hit the first ice sheet, 480 Nm through four? If the coefficient of friction is zero, there is still too much force for the individual rubber. No matter how premium the brand. The right time for the 4matic control units. As a driver, you hardly notice their goings-on. Sometimes the front left brake applies, sometimes the rear right, sometimes the other way around. Using the 4ETS control system (electronic differential lock via brake intervention), the Daimler all-wheel drive shifts the power of the engine neatly from wheel to wheel. And keeps the sedan stable.

4matic C400 Timmeljoch 39 driving report

Willingly in the drift?

Who wants to use the power to bring the passengers in the rear in the lead, who must act roughly negligently on the accelerator. The 4matic drive in C and E classes allows 55% of the power to travel towards the rear axle. Anyone who struggles honestly, so may also call in the all-wheel Daimler Daimler the rear axle to a snow waltz. As a rigid watcher, however, understood the ESP system. Even deactivated, it pays attention to the rest of the decency when jumping out of the lane. Too much drift angle and the brakes clattering to slow down the supposed sleigh ride.

Fountains of snow chase past the window, the next vertex of the curve needs to be targeted through the side window. With a little feeling, the 4matic drive from Mercedes can be used for a courageous pounding uphill. Regardless of whether snow, slush or ice sheets want to mess up the connection.

4matic C400 Timmeljoch 30 driving report

C400 4matic - the best “triple” that Mercedes-Benz has ever built!

The new V6 turbo gasoline engine is a force and brings a grumpy V6 sound to the mountain stage. If you have to.

And in the end, Axel was right. As a 400matic, the C4 is indeed the best three-series BMW that Mercedes-Benz has ever built. But also the coolest A4 that ever rolled off the assembly line in Stuttgart. Thanks to its lush wheelbase, the almost 4.70 meter long sedan looks elegant and dynamic like no “Baby Benz” before.

And if you turn on the ESP, treat the gas pedal with emotion and let it take a slow turn, you'll wonder how smooth it is when you get out. Of that one had not noticed at the wheel ..

[tabgroup] [tab title = ”Technical data”]
Cylinder number / arrangement
6 / V
Displacement (cm3)
Rated power (kW / hp at 1 / min)
245 / 333 on 5.250-6.000
Nominal torque (Nm at 1 / min)
480 on 1.600-4.000
Consumption combined from (l / 100 km)
CO2Emission combined (g / km)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s)
Maximum speed (km / h)
[/ tab] [tab title = ”That was great”] [yes_list]
  • The V6 has become a really fine engine. 333 PS and 4matic, that goes well together.
[/ yes_list] [/ tab] [tab title = ”That deserves criticism”] [no_list]
  • If you could turn this stupid ESP off completely, then you could also put down fine drifts for the photo.
[/ no_list] [/ tab] [/ tabgroup]



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