Apple CarPlay in the new C-Class

Stuttgart / Geneva.  Mercedes-Benz is the first German premium manufacturer to offer the infotainment system "C“From Apple into the car. How the system works in the vehicle is demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz in one new C-class at the Geneva Motor Show. Google is also working on an Incar infotainment system: As soon as this comes onto the market, Mercedes-Benz customers will also be able to experience the Android world in their car. With the combination of Drive Kit Plus and Digital DriveStyle app introduced two years ago, Mercedes-Benz thus remains a trendsetter in smartphone integration in automobiles. Regardless of this, all common telephones can be connected to the COMAND Online Mercedes-Benz multimedia system and enable customers to access the network and thus also use the Mercedes-Benz apps safely and conveniently.

Here, what belongs together grows together: smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life; infotainment systems permanently installed in vehicles today communicate intensively with the outside world. The seamless integration of both systems offers maximum convenience for customers.

Last June, Apple announced as part of its 24. WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) with “iOS in the Car” a so-called Incar infotainment system. The company has now officially announced the completion and release of the iPhone-based solution under the name "CarPlay". Mercedes-Benz was the only German premium vehicle manufacturer to support the project from the start and is now showing in Geneva in a new C-Class how the system works in the vehicle.

As soon as Google launches its own Incar infotainment system, Mercedes-Benz customers will also be able to use the Android world in their vehicle. 2011 in the SLS AMG has already impressively shown what an Android-based Incar infotainment system can look like: with AMG Performance Media, lateral and longitudinal accelerations can be displayed, as can engine power, torque and accelerator pedal control. Laps on the racetrack can be recorded and called up later for personal driving analysis. Other functions such as Internet access and WiFi hotspot quickly become a minor matter.

"Already two years ago we set a new trend with the integration of the smartphone in our vehicles Apple and Google have picked up, ”said Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “We offer our customers an all-round perfect Incar infotainment system. We are constantly developing the connected vehicle with the latest available technologies so that every Mercedes-Benz driver can use his personal smartphone comfortably and safely in the car. "

Therefore get involved Mercedes-Benz for years developing such solutions. The company 2011 was a founding member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC): Manufacturers of mobile phones, technology companies and vehicle manufacturers are working together on "MirrorLink", a uniform standard for the integration of smartphones into the vehicle architecture. The goal of Mercedes-Benz: In addition to the integration of iOS and Android-based devices, to offer maximum compatibility for mobile phones with other operating systems.

Drive Kit Plus and Digital DriveStyle app

Two years ago, Mercedes-Benz also presented a pioneering innovation at the Geneva Motor Show: The combination of Drive Kit Plus and the Digital DriveStyle app made it possible for the first time in the history of the automobile to fully integrate smartphones into the vehicle architecture and thus also to ensure safe and comfortable use Operation while driving. In the first step, the smartphone is connected to the vehicle via a cable (via the Drive Kit Plus) and charged at the same time. An application programmed by Mercedes-Benz, the Digital DriveStyle app, runs on the smartphone and bundles all essential functions from the areas of social (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+), media (e.g. Aupeo Personal Radio) and Places (e.g. navigation, Google) Places). Thanks to the smartphone's high graphics and computing power, these functions are brilliantly displayed on the vehicle display. The Digital DriveStyle app is controlled via the controller in the vehicle. You can also communicate with Siri, the iPhone's digital voice assistant, without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

Drive Kit Plus and the Digital DriveStyle app are currently compatible with the iPhone generations 4 and 5. Support for Android-based smartphones will start in the middle of the year. More information is available at

COMAND Online and Mercedes-Benz Apps

In addition to the smartphone-based solutions, Mercedes-Benz offers its customers COMAND Online, a high-end infotainment system that leaves nothing to be desired. Navigation with real-time traffic service, digital radio and TV tuner, online access including Mercedes-Benz apps specially optimized for use while driving or a WiFi hotspot in the vehicle are just a few of the features of COMAND Online. Routes and destinations from Google Maps and (formerly Navteq) can also be sent to the vehicle from the Internet, and destinations from FutureTap's iPhone app "Where To?" Such as restaurants or event locations can be sent to and from the vehicle the navigation will be taken over.

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