Arrow460-Granturismo - mega yacht with Mercedes genes

Mercedes has designed a yacht

Mercedes-designed luxury motor yacht Arrow460-Granturismo has now completed its maiden voyage. The 14,14 meter long "Silver Arrow of the Sea" is powered by two powerful 706 kW / 960 PS diesel engines and reaches a top speed of more than 40 nodes (74 km / h). On board, the ten passengers can enjoy, among other things, a wine cellar, a high-quality audio system and air conditioning. Also known from the cars of Mercedes are the "Magic Sky" called, electrically darkened windows. The price amounts to around 2,5 million euros.

The ship costs about 2,5 million euros
The ship costs about 2,5 million euros

For Mercedes-Benz Style, the luxury yacht was the ship's premiere. Previously, the designers had designed, among other things, a helicopter and an aircraft cabin. If that's too big for you, the Style department is currently introducing its own eyewear collection.

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