Born in Alabama - #mbrt15

The black warrior. So the name of the city. Deep in the heart of Alabama in the southern United States is Tuscaloosa, or as the Choctaw Indians called it: Tushka. The black warrior.

Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing the M-Class, R-Class and GL vehicles there since 1995 and, since last year, the C-Class for the North American market. And when the exhibition hall for NYIAS 2015 opens in New York in a good week, you will find the new Mercedes-Benz GLE there. And we're bringing it to New York from the plant in the southern United States from Tuscaloosa, Alabama!


2.600 km road trip - Born in Alabama

Mercedes-Benz has been organizing such tours with selected digital influencers and journalists since 2012. 2013 was the big year of the E-Class and we drove from LA across the USA to Detroit to the local motor show.

2014 took the new C-Class from Houston to Detroit. Again, like last year, at NAIAS. If you search for #mbrt14 on the Internet, you will find many photos and exciting reports on this tour.

2015 is now not Detroit and the NAIAS the goal, but the automobile show in the “Big Apple”. NYIAS 2015 will provide the framework for the world premiere of the Mercedes-Benz GLE. Car connoisseurs know that the “new” GLE is the facelift model of the current ML series. Because the names have been sorted at Mercedes-Benz, the ML is now the GLE series. Incidentally, there is already a coupé version. The GLE Coupé, In addition to the new GLE, we will also be using such a GLE Coupé, some G-Classes and GLA variants on our tour through the USA.

Exciting moments, great views and the fascinating world of RoadTrips. In this week. And in the coming week. On and of course on many other blogs.

Anyone who wants to be there live is the one Photo service instagram to the heart placed. Search for #mbrt15 there from Friday and experience almost live how we transfer the new GLE from the heart of Alabama to New York.

# mbrt15 - stay tuned ...


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