C, S or R? With or without a roof? The AMG GT family

Paris, the city of love. Paris, the city where the world premiere of the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster will soon be celebrated. Mercedes-AMG is expanding the powerful family of sports cars not only by a, admittedly expected, roadster version, but also by another performance level. Between S and R one has pushed a C again. That does not make things clearer, but exciting!

world Premiere

Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster (557 PS) and Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster (476 PS)

The four fast brothers: Mercedes-AMG GT, GT S, GT C and GT R and two of them now without a roof!

Mercedes-AMG-gt-roadster-020-world premiere
Mercedes-AMGT GT Roadster (without C!).

It's a double premiere. On the one hand, the expected roadster variant of the AMG GT. Without a roof, the sports car becomes a fresh-air sports studio with the appeal of sexy lines. The fact that the loss of a fixed roof raises the base price may contradict the amount of sheet metal used, but it is part of playing with the charms. As a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, the Affalterbach sports car has finally grown into an alternative for buyers from Zuffenhausen's sports car culture. A whole AMG GT family has grown up there. Another model is still missing, but probably a little more in a few weeks.

Two body styles, four engines. From 476 hp to 585 hp. The AMG GT family offers the ultimate temptation. While the recently presented AMG GT R offers the crudest version, the new AMG GT C now takes on the role of the sporty leader without being prone to excesses. The GT R will not be available as a roadster, but the AMG GT C version is (for the time being) only available “open at the top”. The model range is broken down into abbreviations that are confusing at first glance. The brilliant 4.0 liter V8 with the “Hot-V” bi-turbo is always under the hood, but “only” 476 hp in the roadster and coupe “without S and without C”. While the 510 hp AMG GT S is available as a coupé, the next roadster level has only been reached with the AMG GT C. Then 557 hp. This engine variant is then also available with a cloth cap as a roof. Above that ranks “the green beast” with 585 hp and only available as a coupé.

Mercedes-AMG-gt-roadster-017-world premiere
Mercedes-AMGT GT C Roadster.

Mercedes-AMG GT C - does the C stand for competition?

The Mercedes-AMG GT C, however, has the flared cheeks of the GT R and also its rear axle steering, which means that the GT C is to be understood as a GT R “light”. What does the C stand for? Mercedes-AMG did not want to reveal it in the press release on the new roadster. The fact is: As a Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster, the open GT is extremely solid on the road. In terms of driving dynamics, the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster is therefore more in the direction of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Thanks to its 577 hp and 680 Nm, it catapults itself to 3.7 km / h in 100 seconds and whoever tries it, flies at 316 km / h deep over the asphalt surface. The “small” version of the roadster takes 0.3 seconds more time for the sprint and lets it be good at 302 km / h.

Whether C or not, both Roadsters receive the active aerodynamics of the AMG GT R. Vertical slats in the front apron, which open and close, allowing either more cooling or better aerodynamics.

Dynamic driving, the differences are likely to be greater, as soon as it is no longer about the pure longitudinal dynamics. The Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster inherits the rear-axle steering of the GT-R, stands on a broader mixed tires (265 / 35-19 front, 305 / 30-20 rear), also the active rear axle locking differential is in the C in series on board. The new performance level of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster also receives a customized dual-clutch transmission. The overall ratio is shorter, the seventh gear is shorter, but the first gear is longer.

Topless in 11 seconds

The three-layer fabric cap of the Roadster variants can be opened up to 50 km / h in 11 seconds. So that the “revelation” of the Mercedes-AMG GT is not reflected in the weight, parts of the convertible top are made of aluminum and the tailgate is made of carbon.

Its official premiere will be the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster at the Paris Motor Show, which will be launched in spring 2017. What costs the sinful temptation? Well, even there the Affalterbacher oriented strongly towards Zuffenhausen. And look for a Porsche GT3 Cabriolet 😉


Technical data:

ModelGT RoadsterGT C Roadster
Engine4,0-liter V8, biturbo4,0-liter V8, biturbo
Performance476 PS (350 kW) at 6.000 RPM557 PS (410 kW) at 5.750-6.750 RPM
torque630 Nm at 1.700-5.000 rpm680 Nm at 1.900-5.750 rpm
gear7 dual clutch, rear wheel drive7 dual clutch, rear wheel drive
0-100 km / h4,0 s3,7 s
top speed302 km/h316 km/h
Consumption9,4 l / 100 km11,4 l / 100 km
CO2 emissions219 g / km259 g / km
Weight (EG)1.670 kg1.735 kg


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