Daimler leads the way in Germany

Around 14 percent of all new cars in Germany in 2020 had an electric drive. At Daimler, the number was significantly higher.  

Almost every fourth new car from the Daimler Group was electrically powered in 2020. At 23 percent, the Stuttgart-based company has the highest e-quota of all manufacturer pools, according to statistics from the environmental organization ICCT. Both pure e-cars and plug-in hybrids of the brands Mercedes and Smart are counted.  

Renault follows in second place with 19 percent, ahead of the FCA-Tesla-Honda pool with 14 percent. So-called pooling enables manufacturers with a poor carbon footprint to invest with better manufacturers. Other pools are, for example, Mazda and Toyota or VW and SAIC. The average electric quota of the manufacturer pools in Germany was 2 percent. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of 14 percentage points. 

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