The big Mercedes G 4 × 4²

The latest version of the G-model was expected. Mercedes-Benz masters the 1 × 1 of the modular system. This time downsizing is the order of the day: off 6 × 6 becomes 4 × 4². The result is always a constant called the G-model. In the meantime, the high "G" - in addition to the classy "S" - is the letter in the Daimler alphabet with the longest history. Inseparable from “Mr. G. ": Heinrich Wangler. This person and the technology are the starting point for a crossover story from Unimog to a new G. In addition, with a new V-Affalterbach under the accessible hood.

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The star is the axis
"This ladder frame for eternity was proudly welded together by Obergruber, Xaver - Daimler-Steyr". Except for this unfortunately missing marketing detail, here is the perfect little 1 × 1 for big boys and junks 🙂 Basically, the latest creation by the G creators is quickly explained. The Mercedes G 6 × 6 becomes the 4 × 4² - hereinafter simply 4 × 4 without “hoch2”. Both, including the 6 × 6 sold out last year, are lifted monsters with underfloor portals whose stubborn rigid axles rotate above the hub.

mercedes 03 g 4x4 in the square

This gives the load greater freedom from fools than only the universal motor device - the grandfather of portal axle art. Unimog-like the 4 × 4 is currently still officially scrambled as a study by the Press releases. Strikingly conspicuous (no typing errors) they study the potential addiction of the target group at the moment of the customers and provoke blank checks. The G 4 × 4 will also soon be carrying a new V-Affalterbach, more on that later ... as soon as it brings its hood to the market.

With only four wheels (<= what a statement!) the G 4 × 4 doesn't look quite as wild as that Desert locomotive 6 × 6, in which one could also suspect a bogie at the back (completely wrong). The 4 × 4 again has the familiar normal length over buffers; instead of the 37-inch wheels in steam locomotive format for the 6 × 6, the small 4 × 4 stands for 22 inches. A "normal" G63 on the other hand, only 20 inches have small mini scrolls. Nevertheless, the smaller high G looks a bit stacky, but you should never tell him! It would break his ladder frame.

Basic rules:
1. It's called G- "model"! As a G- "class" - wahhhh - the vehicle can only be described in brochures on the Exo-Planet Marketing.
2. Front lock only when driving straight ahead.
3. If we drive backwards on the mountain, then we put the reverse gear in too!
4. Do not touch the steering wheel.

Thumbs up!
A G-Model prefers to play off-road (for the younger ones: so called "outdoor"). Reminding words should be remembered: In 2 × 2 cases I found out that driving instructors (like caretaker: "You can't park here!") Had a standard sentence in the repertoire: "Don't reach into the steering wheel!" when I learned to drive (legal kurz shortly before 18). This sentence must also always fall 1st in the first minute and 2nd in the first hour of driving.

Barriers are for weaklings
Years later in the G of all SUVs. Place of the exercise was a gravel pit in Swabia. 1989 I received an instruction in G-driving and in security. My second driving instructor was "Mr. G "personally, civil Heinrich Wangler, whose Life work performance at Daimler inseparable from the SUV and its development. Without a transfer case (reduction "on") the man never leaves the house. His credo: "Barriers are for the weak" <= the man can drive! And: “You have to earn bans!”. Of course these are not guaranteed legends, are they?

Thumbs off!
Heinrich Wangler was sitting next to me in the off-road vehicle and stretched the instruction note: "Niiiiiiicht - iiiins - steering wheel - grab !!! When a big stone turns the wheels and then turns the steering wheel on the slope to Tamanrasset (then a stage of the Paris-Dakar Rally), they have two broken thumbs. And there is no emergency column in Algeria or Senegal ”. Ouch!!! That was 25 years ago. Heinrich Wangler is now retired and head of the Mercedes G Club. Nevertheless, the new G 4 × 4 can also be seen as Wangler's late work. Before the Daimler Unimog and G-Modell 6 × 6 and now 4 × 4 crossed, the Daimler people had surely asked him nicely ... whether they should be allowed to do that. They were allowed to.

mercedes 01 g 4x4 in the square

Most certainly; Developed under Wangler's moral authority, the short high G in the version called 4 × 4 also sits enthroned on its large tires under the axle portals (as a reminder: still 22 inches). Still impressive like the pillars of St. Peter's in Rome. Comparatively above ground level as the dome of the Pope's headquarters in the Vatican. The high drive cathedral impresses the G-believers so much that this new G-model is an icon for billionaires. Today, images of saints are called "press photos". Attractant for petrodollars.

First and descendant of the VW Iltis
The 6 × 6 had six tires, four of which are on the new 4 × 4. Otherwise there is no fundamental difference in the high G with four or six "Pnöös"; This is how Karl Lagerfeld, who has become French, and the other great alongside Ferdinand Petrol Piëch, would express it. The latter, more precisely its chief predecessor at Volkswagen, almost killed the G-model.

In a first Bundeswehr tender, the G-Model lost to the VW Iltis off-road vehicle. Today the polecat is dead and the G is a “wolf” rolling inventory of the poor. But as a donor of ideas and organs (keyword: hollow-drilled central shaft!) For the legendary Audi Quattro 1980, the Iltis VW Kübelwagen of the modern era remains unforgettable - a story that will be told another time (promised: the story is coming!).

hub gear
Apart from the main purchase motive of Eastern oligarchs and potentates "The main thing is expensive", the exorbitant price, the 6 × 6 cost a large one of Grandma's small houses, ... so the high price of the high-G also made sense. The technology, which measures the torque separately in 4 × 4, costs money. The additional gear ratio on the wheel, which only portal axles offer, relieves the drive train and makes it easier to dose the drive torque. If you get stuck anyway, you just can't.

mercedes 06 g 4x4 in the square

reverse gear
Unforgettable the anecdote, how at that time ... two ladies (but could have been gentlemen!) At a G-Event hopelessly stuck in the mud. Immediately, the two called for a rescuing Unimog, alternatively for a recovery tank or crane helicopter. Coincidentally, ... by coincidence, a certain Heinrich W. was there. The trick of "Mr. G ": reverse gear. Insert the same and get out of the mud in one go. Finished. A macho? A master! Or is that forbidden 🙂

Ladder frame
Back up to the high G anno domini 2015: In conjunction with greater ground clearance, the G as a 4 × 4 is even more mobile than the original technical chamois made in Austria, where it is welded for eternity by trained blacksmiths, engineers and fitters. As with AMG and the engine, the sticker on the chassis is actually missing: "This ladder frame was proudly welded together by Obergruber, Xaver - Daimler-Steyr" <= Haven't we already had that? No matter; you can't recommend it enough to the marketers in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. In addition to the Head of Finance and Human Resources, there is also the Head of Frame at the Steyr production site. Certainly.

Breathing tires
For desert applications there is also tire pressure regulation in the current Hoch-G. With less pressure and a larger footprint, after the 6 × 6 you can also romp in the sand with the 4 × 4. For higher street pressure, the breathing round pieces will simply inflate again. One push of a button and 30 seconds is enough. Once G on sand, a wonderful recipe, would of course also be possible without a tire pressure system. But for that you would have to be called Heinrich G. (name of the editor known): "You have to earn a tire pressure system", I hear him say. Yes, literally: in the field as well as on the bank account. The corresponding G model is available free of charge.

mercedes 02 g 4x4 in the square

Sandbox demands strength
It is clear that an old 240 GD with 72 PS is hardly suitable for games in the sandpit. Incidentally, kilowatts, at the G-Premiere in 1979, were not yet technically measurable due to the lack of a sufficient minimum quantity. Sand demands strength. That is why 6 × 6 (sold out) and 4 × 4 (another dream) in Sheikh Oligarchs billionaire version now offer V8x2 turbomachinery. 544 horses in 6 × 6, their 422 in 4 × 4 (we will come to his new V-Affalterbach). Who invented it?

The Wangler! "Mr. G "has implanted the first V8 machine. 14 Years after the first human heart transplant by Professor Barnard, Heinrich Wangler helped his private 230 G with the V8 from an 380er to the power of the two hearts. In the year 1981 that was. Previously, Asian military had complained the "half" engine of the 230ers. So Wangler has assembled a whole engine.

With this primal V8 built into a stripped short G with giant pimples on the hoops (are you thinking the same thing ?!), Wangler and I, then, 1989, romped through the gravel pit and redistributed rocks. Wangler's mobile gravel sorting system, with at least 200 horses in the barn, was switched on and off in the footwell at the bottom right. Operating modes were then: zero or one. Uphill. Downhill. The front axle lock? We did not use, because unnecessarily: "For this driving condition they lack the courage", Wangler engraved at that time little comforting words into my eardrum.

Experienced G-forces
Apart from that, the high G of the modern age is clambering like any normal ... Unimog. Anyone who previously hovered over rows of potatoes as a farmer with their universal power tool can now show what they have as a rich landowner: a very expensive Mercedes SUV that also has the ideal track width for two rows of potatoes (which is why it was called "Mog" made). Both the Mog and the G press with exactly 1,0 g of gravitational acceleration on the ground - never with more, never less. The field can also be blessed with a 100 percent gradient without growing any fruit. A G always strives to the bottom at a constant 9,81 m / sec. In the meantime, he is also pushing forward in positive G areas: it will finally come soon; the announced text passage with the luxury food V-Affalterbach. But.

AMG portal
G 4 × 4 or 6 × 6: “Quengelware” would fit. But that would be a word that would never come to the lips of the new ten-figure bank nobility. The object of desire number 6 × 6 is - I can no longer hear it - is sold out; especially oligarchs from Asia made use of it. The 4 × 4 is currently officially available as a study - yes, we already know that! Unbearable! Because: The Unimog portals of the six-wheeler were crossed with fresh AMGs in the latest G-Volution: the 4-liter V-Affalterbach from the AMG stable. Torn from the GT and with the two exhaust gas turbines inside in the "hot" V of the machine, the G 4 × 4 is a 4x4x4 liter ... and runs like a pig. Grunted like that Six-point-three-Sau (at the end of the 60 years).

mercedes 05 g 4x4 in the square

4X4 leaks
Runs like a pig? At the very least, the pardon leaks that Daimler people who don't want their name published on the addicts' blog list. The pig gallop of the 4 × 4 is produced by 422 horses that responded a little earlier, which is why the G 4 × 4 lacks approximately a 240 GD under the hood compared to the AMG GT. A measurement tolerance. The main thing is that the G largely sips from eight troughs, well, more from standard wheat beer consumption containers. The sound: a matter of the skin. Brrrrrrrr, the driver hears a shudder. The V-Affalterbach cannot be stopped alone.

Nemmet the shit-foot off the gas!
The herd of horses, snotty snorting hot-blooded animals, only obeys mechanically: “To slow down, please release the accelerator pedal from the floor panel and switch to the left-hand step. Thank you very much! ”I hear the on-board computer say. But there is no such thing in the G 4 × 4. Thank God. Pardon, Wangler thanks. He would instruct it differently: "Take the shit-foot from the Gasss, heath zack cement !!!!". Everything invented. All legend. Lied? Hello Daimler: This contribution is your specification for (no typist :) enemy voting!


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