Dispute over patent rights - Mercedes has to turn off the hair dryer

Airscarf is also available in the newly lifted Mercedes SLC

Daimler suffered in court over the patent for a convertible neck heater. The Federal Court of Justice prohibited the car manufacturer in Germany from continuing to sell cars with the “Airscarf” equipment. The judges thus approved the action brought by a patent exploitor. To Daimler's surprise - two other courts had previously made judgments in the interests of the group.

At "Airscarf " ("Air scarf") is a hot air blower integrated in the headrest of the driver and front passenger seat, which is intended to ensure pleasant temperatures, especially when driving in a convertible. In addition to the Roadsters SL, SLK / SLC and AMG GT, it is available as an option in the open versions of the C, E and S-Class and in the S-Class Coupé. Depending on the vehicle model, the price for the extra comfort is an average of 600 euros.

As Daimler emphasized when asked, the ban on sales does not apply to the entire vehicle, but only to the Airscarf blower. If this technology is deactivated before delivery to the customer*, the vehicle may therefore continue to be sold. Only cars that are still owned by Daimler AG are affected. Vehicles that have already been fully paid for and handed over to the customer should have a functioning airscarf system; a recall campaign is not necessary.

The automaker cannot yet quantify how many vehicles are affected. The convertible share of Mercedes sales in Germany is in the low single digits. Not all of these vehicles are equipped with Airscarf.


[= ””] * Addendum: According to our information, deactivating the system is not sufficient. The text of the BGH is not yet available, but that was what we could hear in a conversation with the inventor. (Have)


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