First ride: Mercedes-AMG GT S

Slowly, very slowly. In the new flagship sports car from Mercedes-AMG, of all things, things are moving slowly at the start. The hotel exit in front of us, out onto the streets of San Francisco. But it is not the fear of using Kojak that slows us down, it is the high curb. Later on on the racetrack, the distance to the ground can be minimized. Here, at the first roll-out with the restricted field of vision from the intimate cockpit of the new 510 hp Affalterbacher stunner, you hold back for now.

Ready for a new era?

First drive in the new Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Handcrafted by Racers. You mean business in Affalterbach. The team around AMG boss Tobias Moers is serious. If you want to put a Porsche opponent on the wheels, you must not imitate the subject of sports cars, you have to live it. It has to be measured against facts, brutal measured values ​​and emotional moments. No sports car without emotions. No appreciative nod of the head without cool readings. Later in Laguna Seca it will be a question of whether the Mercedes-AMG GT S has only what it takes to frighten you down and out or whether it has the talent to turn the world of sports cars upside down from 600 Nm and 3.33 hp / kilogram. Enthusiasm, performance and more than Swabian sports car potency. The goals are ambitious for this AMG GT, especially as the AMG GT S.

AMG GT Laguna Seca 033 2014

Use in San Francisco

The AMG GT S grumbling wildly in front of the hotel in San Francisco attracts attention. The fact that a muscle car from “good ol 'germany” is being awakened also attracts the attention of the Californians who are already driving Tesla silently in large numbers. The subject of emotions? Already checked after pressing the starter button. This is what four liters of displacement, eight cylinders and an open fun flap in the sports exhaust sound like.

We leave the Golden Gate Bridge on the right. Get out of the city. Into the fun. It is obvious that this new AMG GT should become a Porsche killer. Scoffers work their way through the rear of the AMG GT. Yes, you can recognize a little Zuffenhauser dialect, but maybe it's just Swabian and they know everything - with the exception of?

Sitting on the valance of the new AMG GT S, the butt doesn't matter any more. At least not its appearance. It is more the weight, the question of balance. After all, the AMG GT S weighs over 1.5 tonnes (1.540 kg). And unlike the classic, "the 911“, The athlete's heart beats in the AMG GT under the long front hood. And because you can draw on unlimited resources, there is no need to limit it to six cylinders. 8 have become. With two turbos. Mounted extremely close to the cylinder head, in the V on the inside. That leaves the 3.982 ccm ³ eight-cylinder spontaneously hanging on the gas, no trace of turbo lag. In addition, the oil pan was exchanged for a dry sump, so that the V8 can be mounted a little deeper. And the gearbox was flanged to the rear axle. It is always the sum of a multitude of perfect details that arouses real enthusiasm. And in the case of the AMG GT, it also creates the balance. Despite the front engine, 53 percent of the weight rests on the rear axle. Rest?

The perfect balance of the AMG GT has one result: No one wants to rest. No one behind the suede handlebar dreams of relaxation and tranquility. It is pleasure and achievement that one wants to combine. You want to experience it. The sound, the reactions of the suspension, the perfect balance. These are the ingredients for driving license loss. In the US, one may have invented freedom as an export hit, for the freedom of the speed noise, you could not be excited so far. Down the US Highway #1, up into the Woodsides of California.

AMG GT Laguna Seca 059 2014

The test drive with the AMG GT S led from downtown San Francisco via Golden Gate Park and onto US Highway # 1 until it exited at San Gregorio towards the east. Away from the sea, towards La Honda. Via the Skywoods Skylonda to the Thomas Fogarty Winery. From there continue the Lexington Hills towards Santa Cruz. Again on US Highway # 1 to Monterey and then the Salinas Highway to Laguna Seca. And how the AMG GT S drives in Laguna Seca - you can read in this article (Click).

Dare more sports?

The AMG GT is shorter than its indirect predecessor, the SLS. Almost 10 centimeters. But it's just as wide. And because you mean business, you save yourself the double doors. They were a great show. The classic doors are better for getting in and out. And because the SLS was a show, yes, a great one, but the new AMG GT should be taken seriously, these “normal” doors also fit so much better with the character of the new athlete. Tighter, shorter, but still beefy.

When it leaves US Highway # 1, the AMG GT shows its second face. Just a beefy cruiser. The comfortable touch was played with adaptive engine mounts, mimicked the everyday heroes in Comfort mode of transmission and engine control. Parking in front of the shopping mall, casual traffic light sprints, easy revs, subdued engine sound. The AMG GT can take over the friendly part. He can be cool. There are sports cars that just annoy you. They can only deliver 101%, which can not be used for everyday use. They want to be beaten. And if you do not beat them, divide them. There are these disturbed comrades. They are cool if you want to get rid of the frustration. The next Trackday wants to file at their own borders. Easy from A to B? There they jack. The greatest strength of a Porsche 911 has always been that it can do both: sport and everyday life. Unstressig for everyday life, but highly resilient in the gym. This balancing act was the landmark, the original character of an 911er. His unique selling point.

AMG GT Laguna Seca 101 2014

Now it is over.

Just yet Pupperlhutschen, in the next moment serious enforcers.

Anyone who as a non-professional wants to push a car to the limit without getting a bloody nose needs a car with the communication needs of a chatterbox. You have to feel what the steering can still bring about, you have to properly sort the rear axle into its dynamic talents. You need the feeling of being able to read the road, curve radii need to be taken without correction. There are cars that are incredibly fast. Catapult the lateral dynamics beyond the generally acceptable level even without slick tires. And there are sports cars that do it with the feeling that as a driver you are assisting in an unfair bitchfight. Any moment can be the moment of missed opportunities. Just do not pay attention for a moment and you no longer sip the drink of enthusiasm, but have to taste the bitter bread of humility. No, such cars are not fun for everyday use.

In the AMG GT S, you switch from everyday life to the racetrack. And back. And the only side effect is the body's adrenaline. The body spills it in bulk, while we steer the AMG GT S in the direction of Laguna Seca. In the Lexington Hills, the AMG GT S throws from turning radius to turning radius. The steering whispers to yourself, you just understand every sentence, understand the meaning, can follow their comments. The AMG GT S is now in such a state of balance, well above the 30 mileage limit, you never want to do anything else again.

While the V8 Turbo grunts, spits and roars the joy of life in freedom through the performance exhaust system - one laughs behind the steering wheel at old sports driver wisdom: real sports cars have a naturally aspirated engine? Oh man. That must have been before this AMG V8 turbo. Real sports cars don't have ESP? Oh, man, that must have been before you were allowed to push yourself to your limits in three stages. This AMG GT S has the long leash for everyday use in the dynamic position of its ESP. You can also cross over into the next double link. Without getting the lights in the engine control unit switched off by the superintendent.

AMG GT Laguna Seca 067 2014


Just before the Thomas Fogerty Winery The Californians who still breathe and enjoy gasoline fumes meet on a Sunday morning at a small intersection of La Honda Road and Skyline Boulevard, the sound of burning gasoline. Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche stand between “Alice's” Station and the Mountain Terrace. Motorcyclists cruise past at the “that's how I'm seen”.

We park our AMG GT S and watch the situation for a few minutes. The heat of the first stage lets the man from Stuttgart crack quietly. “Oh boy, what a car” “what is it”? The AMG GT provokes discussions. Anyone who has a drop of fuel in their blood feels magically attracted. The effect of "Breathtaking proportions, powerful surfaces and flowing shapes" (Quote Gorden Wagener) challenges the audience.

Who wants to be taken seriously

He has to prove seriousness. The AMG GT does this. Its combination of performance, performance and design is no sham. With the second in-house development of Mercedes-AMG is formed for the first time a real Porsche opponent.

AMG GT Laguna Seca 100 2014

Time to reset the clocks in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen ...

With the new AMG GT, Mercedes-Benz shows what it means when a company is run by the right people. To construct a sports car, you have to ask technicians and racers for their opinion. You have to leave the job to those who have gasoline in their blood. Like the boss of AMG: Tobias Moers.

While the SLS AMG was still an anvil that always served pure performance as a drug shortly before the overdose, the new AMG GT - especially as an S - is a fascinating, rousing and exciting tool for sports drivers. A thoroughbred athlete of the highest lust class.


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Mercedes-AMG GT S

For sale: rinse
Base Price: 134.351,00 €
Engine performance: 3.982 cc
Drive and transmission: 7 double clutch Transaxle
Acceleration: 3.8 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Fuel consumption: 9.4 liters on 100 km
maximum speed: 310 km / h (limited)
Length, width, height, wheelbase 4.546, 1.939, 1.288, 2.63 mm
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What would the blogger order ??

AMG GT or AMG GT S? In these spheres, the purchase price is no longer relevant. The AMG GT is being offered at € 19.000 “cheaper” than the GT S. And yet it has to be the GT S. Just like a Carrera S always has to be at Porsche. Or a GT3. Or a GTS :).

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The new AMG-V8 uses a twin-turbocharger in which the two loaders are not arranged on the outside of the cylinder banks, but instead in the cylinder V between them - experts speak of the "hot inside V". The advantages: compact engine design, optimal response of the turbocharger and low exhaust emissions through the best possible flow of the catalysts close to the engine. The dry sump lubrication ensures the oil supply even at high shear forces and allows a deep installation position of the unit. This leads to a reduction of the center of gravity and thus provides the basis for high lateral acceleration. The new V8 biturbo engine from Mercedes-AMG is the world's first sports car engine with hot inside V and dry sump lubrication.

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All photos: Bjoern Habegger

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