First ride: Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Frankfurt am Main - first test

A shooting brake is actually a coupe with a hatchback. And a coupe isn't actually four-door. Until Mercedes-Benz came along and turned the E-Class into a CLS. Since then, this elegant and still just practical body shape has been gaining acceptance. If you combine both, the hatchback coupé with the four-door coupé, you get the Mercedes-Benz variant of the “Shooting Brake”. The “somehow” station wagon version of a four-door coupé. Sounds complicated and pointless. But it looks really good in reality and isn't even as impractical as you might think.

Nice. Compact! Practically?

First test drive in the new CLA Shooting Brake

first driving report 07 mercedes-benz cla shooting brake

Between the Spessart and Taunus the CLA Shooting Brake looked under the tailgate 

After the A-Class had been polished from Mercedes to the sleek Golf opponent with the last model change, there were voices that mocked the space available. Rightly so. Especially in row two there is a lack of headroom and even crawling in was rather unworthy of the premium status. With the CLA, which would have become a classic compact notchback representative, if it had not been given as many CLS genes, it did not get any better. Now you had a decent trunk, but the thing about headroom, well, that was manageable.

So now the shooting brake. After A, B, GLA and CLA, the fifth series on the Daimler front-wheel drive platform. If the CLA was more likely to be assigned to the high-quality lifestyle segment, you don't have to adjust to a utility giant even with the planned, fleeing estate car. The Shooting Brake CLA is rather the most practical A-Class of all. Still compact. Still stylish - but now with an alibi trunk that holds more than just the Prada handbag. And thanks to the not so steep roof, it is even blessed with more headroom than that Cross-hatch GLA.

Whereby the trunk was designed a little inaccessible for a “somehow-so-combi-look-a-like”. The neatly curved tailgate presses between the two wide taillights and only allows access to the suitcase department through a narrow hatch. You pack a six-pack in there casually, a box of Dom Perignon becomes more difficult. Behind it there is a loading area that has been pulled far down, the loading from the last shopping triumphs should only be really funny when it comes to bags and not whole furniture.


The full range of engines

Of course, there are real advantages to being the last body variant on a platform. The CLA Shooting-Brake was given the full range of engines and transmissions right from the start. There's something for everyone. When it comes to gasoline engines, one starts with the CLA 180 with 122 hp and thus packs a unit under the sleek hood, the roots of which are in France with Renault. You have to say that Because for “this blog” a Mercedes is only a Mercedes if the drive comes from the men with the star on their chests. If you skip the 250 ccm³ displacement limit with the CLA 1.595 and land on the 2 liter turbo gasoline engine, you will find the Stuttgart multi-purpose unit under the hood. A more than decent engine with 211 hp and a fine torque range of 350 Nm between 1.200 and 4.000 revolutions. You also get this four-cylinder turbo with the Mercedes-Benz all-wheel drive 4matic delivered.

Even if the diesel engines at Daimler in the compact segment always go to work with a noticeable nailing, such a CLA 220 d should count among the top engines for many buyers. With 177 PS, the 2.2 liter diesel is a potent companion for everyday life and also shows no sovereignty at speed 200 on the highway. Its 350 Nm ensure proper pulling and if you let the drive run with pleasure in everyday life, you can look forward to values ​​below 6 liters in combined consumption. This is far from the NEDC standard consumption of 4.0-4.3 liters, but that's just the way it is.


You can like the display placed in the middle of the room - without touch. But you don't have to. It does not bother me. I think the exposed location is good, it doesn't distract and it means that more and bigger displays can be expected in the future.

Anyone who uses the accessories program can do it Mercedes get into the car and then operate many functions on the one hand via the smartphone and on the other hand contact the service provider via a remote diagnosis.

Bluetooth streaming and the operation of the Comand system take place via the rotary pushbutton within reach of the center console and the entire operating logic can be learned quickly.


If beautiful also wants to be practical

Of course, the extra headroom is noticeable in row two and the 495 liter trunk volume is also reasonable. And the tailgate, despite its slim cut, allows for practical loading. More practical than CLA, A and GLA. But beauty has a price. It is not only reflected in the interior, also in the wallet. The Shooting Brake hardly costs any more than the CLA, but if you opt for a more modest B-Class, you save right and also buy a much more practical car.

But just for the doors with the frameless side windows, you simply have to like the CLA Shooting Brake.

first test 64 mercedes-benz cla shooting brake

It can also be jagged!

Of course, the Shooting Brake is also available with the 360 ​​hp two-liter turbo gasoline engine. Still the most powerful petrol engine in its class and also bound to the 7-speed dual clutch transmission in the alibi station wagon, it performs the 180 ° turn in the CLA Shooting Brake. The lifestyle truck becomes a humming top with a trunk. While the rough lust for bolts in the CLA and the A-Class still reminds of GTI killers, the sporty lust in the sheet metal of the Shooting Brake seems out of place. Somehow too much. Better to get back into the 177 hp diesel, enjoy the calm and sovereignty of the diesel-typical drive and then ponder over the rear. But it is precisely this way of thinking that is not possible now when flying low through the Spessart. You have to do the CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake hard at the traction limit of the front axle ... the stress doesn't match the style combination.


Mercedes successfully diversifies its own series. There is a separate model for every taste and a lot of work is done on the series themselves. With the CLA Shooting Brake, the Swabians are not only presenting a completely new type of vehicle, but are also bringing a wide range of products to the showrooms, from the stylish special “Orange Art” model with lively colors to the sporty AMG model.

All. Nice. Practically.

[= ””] Facts about the new CLA Shooting Brake

Type:CLA 220 CDI Shooting Brake
Engine:Four-cylinder common rail diesel
Transmission u. Drive:7 gear double clutch gearbox, VA
Engine performance:177 PS / 350 Nm
displacement:2.143 cc
CW value:from 0.26
From 0 to 100:8,3 s
Top speed .:228 km/h
Consumption (NEDC):from 4,0 liters
CO2emissions:from 105 g / km
Trunk:495 liter VDA
Trunk max .:1.354 liter VDA
Empty weight:1.555 kg
Length, width, height, wheelbase:4630, 1777, 1435, in mm
Price:39.062 EUR
 Photos: Mercedes-Benz / Bjoern Habegger

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