First test: Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4matic + "Where is that supposed to drift?"

The key data is quickly listed: 4,0l Biturbo V8. 612 PS, 850 Nm. Vollfettstufe so or as you formulated in Affalterbach with proudly ruffled chest: "The strongest E-Class ever ", The correct salutation is then: Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4matic +, Awesome you want the sedan while looking into the stern looking double brow of the daytime running lights and the black eyeshadow on the cooling air inlets you offer. But the sweeping rear end with the daring spoiler lip, the diffuser with four lush tailpipes, which in combination still only manages to hide the 295 tires, rather elicits a "Hey you, goat to hoe?" Here is the answer to our clumsy anmache.

First test of anabolic steroids E-Class: E63 S 4matic +

Mercedes-AMG asks for a wild dance

Will the PS war ever end in the upper middle class? CO2 emissions, alternative drives are coming, currently there seems to be no end in sight. Audi is bang quickly before the A6 model change in 2017 RS6 performance with 605 PS of the competition in front of the bib, while BMW with the M5 "Competition Edition"  including 600 PS himself, before the successor in the dress of the G30 to the start rolls. Mercedes-Benz made the model change with the W213 at the beginning of the year and is now using the tailwind to raise the bar a little. 612 hp! That is 27 more Affalterbacher stallions than at the predecessor And the torque has also increased by 1,5 Newton meters despite 50l less displacement, so Munich & Ingolstadt can currently only swallow dry. How do the Swabians do it? With two larger turbochargers inside the cylinder Vs, the blades of which are each blown by two exhaust ducts. Twin Scroll is the name of the technology that is also used in the A45 used and provide for a faster pressure build-up and more direct response


The Honnigan in fine thread

The result is impressive: 0-100 km / h in 3,4 seconds and a top speed of 300 km / h, if you treat yourself to the fine AMG Driver's Package. There are two reasons for this to work as smoothly as described on paper: four-wheel drive and the 9-speed gearbox installed for the first time in an AMG. A sporty evolution of the 9G-Tronic, The converter flies out of the gearbox bell and is replaced by a wet startup clutch. The switching speeds are thereby rapidly reduced and the response to accelerator commands improved immensely. In general, this AMG Speedshift MCT 9-speed sports transmission (the somewhat bulky official name) is in our opinion THE highlight of the new E63: Always with the right gear to the spot and the perfect companion in all situations: Cruising on the highway in Comfort Mode or the Time Attack in Race mode.


Drift Mode now also in Swabia

So does the E63 S 4Matic + really want to hoe? Well, for black lines on the road you have to do a little trick, but it works: driving program "Race", ESP off, gear on manual and plucked once on the paddles, then the all-wheel drive becomes a thoroughbred Hecktriebler. "Drift Mode" means that and remains active until the rubber on the 10J x 20 rims have dissolved into smoke, or the Hoonigan has mercy on the whining tires. But hoonen is also different and therefore Mercedes-AMG sends us on the Algarve on a beautiful asphalt band called "Portimao". On the track, the E63 S 4Matic + will show what it really can do. Electronic rear axle limited slip differential, optional ceramic composite brake system, dynamic engine mounts, air suspension, additional bracing, modified wheel brackets, higher negative camber and fully variable torque distribution between the driven axles were added to achieve one: trick the physics. But laws of nature are a real evil boss, on which unfortunately the best Swabian engineers bite their teeth. For even though the AMG Sledgehammer manages to forget his weight in the first few laps, at some point physics will mercilessly back down and mercilessly show the 1,9 tons of ships where the hammer hangs. The tires begin to lubricate, the steering precision decreases, the braking distance becomes longer. No, the E63 S is not a tracktool. But had anyone ever expected that? Apparently yes, because AMG explains that a considerable number of customers run their sporty E-Class on racetracks.

The fastest connection between two curves? The pressure of the Hot-V V8 from Affalterbach


This baffles us, because even if the upper middle class from Mercedes-Benz Can do a lot very well when AMG is incredibly fast and has made a quantum leap in dynamics compared to its predecessor: it is not a racer. But what is the E63 S 4Matic + ultimately? Dozens of power limousines, or the Duz buddy for a few hot laps? Somehow we get out of the latest product from Affalterbach, a little undecided after the first test. The little brother C63 S We liked it better in the same place, even though it was more unkempt. It just fit perfectly like a glove, where the E63 looks a bit crowded. But probably that's exactly what the main US market loves about this sedan: the abundance. And so will this AMG again drift towards success.

Addendum: the stomping and trampling bull in E AMG

There is one thing we will not forget after this test: the sight when the E63 S with its Air Body Control suspension without lateral inclination stomps and tramples through the incredibly fast, but slightly hanging start-finish curve of Portimao, only to be followed by a heartbreaking V8 Hammer roars down the straight towards sunset.

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