Expert Talk: Autonomous Driving at Mercedes-Benz

Dan von Appen from the Daimler blog talks about “Autonomous Driving at Daimler” with Dr. Eberhard Zeeb - Head of Driver Assistance and Chassis Systems at Mercedes-Benz and Georg Stefan Hagemann, Head of Entire Vehicle Concepts at Daimler AG.

I usually want that Expert Talk do it yourself, in this case it was Dan von Appen who gave an expert talk at the Daimler annual press conference. Because the topic: “Autonomous driving” fits so well with the blog, this video also has a place here.

Mehr zum Thema:

How one S-Class drives that you do not drive yourself - here it is! And behind this link you can find the F015 research vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

That you can talk about the topic "Autonomous driving"Can argue wonderfully is not surprising ... 


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