Driving Report: Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 450 AMG

And then I said to the photographer, take something as a background that visually stretches me a little - then you don't see the stomach like this. So we took this motive. But then I saw that you looked slim in front of the GLE Coupé, no matter what you can still see in the picture. A look back at the time in the senseless SUV coupe. With senseless motorization.

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Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 450 AMG

Test driving report03 Mercedes GLE Coupe 450 amg
If it doesn't make me thin, then at least let it look like a symbol of male potency ...

Why is there this car?

Because BMW has successfully set an example of how senseless vehicles can sell excellently if you only fish far beyond good taste. Depriving a large off-road vehicle of its off-road capabilities, screwing on sinfully expensive rims in size 4XL and bulging sills, the sight of which can develop into economic total losses, these are reasons, but not obstacles. But the whole absurdity has a system and - what is much more important - success. With the BMW X6, the Munich-based company stuck its tongue out at the Stuttgart-based company for an entire generation of vehicles and enjoyed the absurd wishes of solvent leasing vehicle drivers.

So now also the “Daimler” and once again afflicted with the “lived” sensual clarity. The design is difficult to describe politely. While the greedy perforated sheet metal nose for cooling air still passes through as post-pubescent posturing of power for the left lane, it knocks out all the fuses in the brains of pragmatic variant buyers with the flat rear end and the Rubens rear end.

Getting into row two is as difficult as it looks. The trunk of the GLE Coupé is a joke. The loading sill is a swan song of any practicality. The GLE Coupé wants to see itself as a work of art - without worrying about the art. One can do ... probably corresponds to the ego of the future owner.

Test driving report31 Mercedes GLE Coupe 450 amg

How do you feel behind the wheel?

Damn good. It is like taking power in a third world dictatorship, if you want to compare the feeling of being in possession of the road with something. You down there - me up there. What do I care about the absurd amount of space? The trunk? Too big for my credit card, the filing between myself and the co-pilot is enough for me. We casually pack the manual “russisch: deutsch” in the glove compartment.

Aside from what language is spoken in series 1, here is not complained about the space, the design, the feel. All this corresponds to the price list. It fits the appearance of the GLE Coupé. Dibasic. Dominant.

The 450 GLE Coupé has not yet made the leap into the “inner circle”. The 450 AMG is the accountant version of the large 63. The “somehow” still sensible version. Less vulgar in appearance. Less brute. Less pointless?

Without the new AMG models with the 450 in their name, the jump between the series GLE and the hot AMGs would have been too big. The step of inserting a sporty intermediate stage seems necessary like tasting a 0.5 liter glass of vodka.

Test driving report40 Mercedes GLE Coupe 450 amg

This is how Tempo 200 feels

Damn good!  The three-liter V6 bi-turbo is struggling, he pushes until shortly to the 200er demarcation line with a modest dominance, then he begins to get tangled up with the elements, but until then, all this remains sovereign. And in the sound with spicy-racy setting well underpinned. 367 PS announce the switching process with Sprotzeln and babbling and a creamy overrun drum of the retraining at AMG.

The 9-speed automatic transmission is a quiet eminence. It confidently kicks the aisles - only when changing from 3 to 2 or 1 there is always a shortage, grumbling like a Russian military cadet after the vodka baptism.

The GLE Coupé weighs 2.2 tons, even with six cylinders. Every blue whale knows that too much weight affects the aesthetics. A whale like that doesn't dance like a dolphin over the waves. Is clear. Everyone understands, especially the author of the article. Until the druid from Affalterbach dropped the GLE into the kettle with the magic potion in the development phase. * Blub *

The first “Ü2t ballerina” was born without being 63.

The author was allowed to drive the senseless obelisk over the mountains and can happily report on the incredibly good handling of the GLE 450 Coupé, reminiscing with a broad, almost senile grin. Thanks to roll stabilization with active stabilizers and the air suspension, you dig your way through mountain passages at 2.30 meters above the traffic with an ease that you may forget all the laws of Newton.

Traction and cross-Satanerei is of course also a result of the crazy wheel-tire combinations. With 275er tires on the front axle and 315 in 21 inches on the rear axle, the asphalt has no choice but to surrender to the gearing with the heavyweight.

Test driving report79 Mercedes GLE Coupe 450 amg

Is it any good?

Yes. Absurd. But cool. 

The idea of ​​planning an intermediate step between the 333 PS V6 in the 400 and the 557 PS of the “small” AMG 63 (without s) sounds absurd at first. The bi-turbo of the 450 is “only” 367 hp stronger with 34 hp - but still 190 hp weaker than the V8 hammer. But together with the mixed tires of the 450 AMG and the active driving design of the drive and chassis, the AMG 450 fills a gap that no one could see before.

Who already has everything else: the girlfriend from St. Petersburg, the money from the last business exit and otherwise just afraid of receiving too little attention in traffic, but does not yet feel ready for the step to AMG, be it out of uncertainty or Bescheidenheit (Alas, we cancel modesty in the GLE Coupé), for whom the € 75.803 base price is exactly the right offer!


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