Driving Report: Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG Coupé

At 1.000 Newton meters, you don't have to be surprised. About nothing. And then a second before I switch off all the assistants, I struggle through the depths of the on-board computer so that the orange warning light in the cockpit comes to life and I have sole control of the twelve-cylinder device. A short punch with your right foot, the six-liter turbo grumbles briefly and your ass smears away under the plaintive whining of the 285 mm wide sports tires. Bämm - at 80 km / h across an asphalt lane on a Californian vineyard.

Short exit in the strongest S-Class Disconnected and the most expensive S-Class Coupe

12 of 12 Russian oligarchs find the S65 AMG Coupé subtle… 

Mercedes-AMG 06 S65 AMG Coupe

2 minutes after the test drive began, 2 seconds after the ESP was turned off and with it the voluntary electronic self-control over the 1.000 Nm, the more than 244.000 € would have been plowed almost through the vineyard. It was a pity about the vines. A pity for the world's most powerful phallus replacement.

244.000 € costs the S65 AMG coupe. At least. There are the Swarovski crystals in the LED headlight but not yet included. For more than 5 meters park proof of power in the courtyard entrance of Russian oligarchs. But let's forget it first. This is about the exclusive impressions from the cockpit of the most expensive production Mercedes ever.

Thanks to the long wheelbase, the rough lunge on the first downhill slope on the vineyard was still well parried. ESP off, actually always a guarantee of fun. But if you have six liters of displacement from twelve sangria-bucket-sized cylinders - forced breathing with the feudal lust of two turbines - then you better start the ESP. Before you a) vaporized the rubber sausages through the wheel arches or just b) improperly plowed the vineyard. ESP on. Back on the highway.

Mercedes-AMG 75 S65 AMG Coupe

Do you smell the luxury?

You can see the luxury, indulge in the gluttony in the surcharge lists, you can feel the soft leather, you can literally smell the luxury. Nothing on the S65 AMG Coupé is trimmed to be subtle, nothing is relevant to the social envy debate. You are debating about CO2 and gasoline prices, about Bread for the World, about 250 km / h restrictions. When my colleague, Starter, throws the twelve pots in motion, this other world disappears. The ones with the leasing installments, with the single-family houses and the 9-to-5 jobs.

If a V12 rumbles under the hood, with which speed boats are accelerated through the Mediterranean elsewhere, then the exterior can also apply a little more cosmetics. However, it does not live lovingly or discreetly. The full trowel, feudal, powerful - even with the design changes. The coarse-meshed chrome grille shapes the front, a diffuser cuts the bumper, small carbon flaps want to show the way to the air. The paint? In the case of the test car, a matt one. It fits. The paint swallows the light like the drive train the Contenancé. Nobody stays quiet, calm and reserved here.

Mercedes-AMG 16 S65 AMG Coupe

It is not possible without ESP, but neither

A discrete 630 hp, as some motor professional wrote, would rest under the front hood. He didn't drive the S65 AMG Coupé, I suspect. Descriptions that can do justice to a trip in the most expensive two-door model in the Mercedes-Benz world are neither discreet nor calm. Digging through the configuration menus using the steering wheel buttons, showing the ESP the red card? Without run-off zones, it is more of an experiment for credit card holders with no limit. If you don't want to ricochet yourself or others into fear, you can turn the ESP on. But then the 1.000 Nm are more of a paper value. Unfortunately, with the existing seven gear steps, the automatic transmits too much power to the rear axle - almost always. The noble sports tires are under constant stress and the ESP control light in the cockpit lets the epilepsy check program run. From a speed of 100 km / h (I'm talking about miles, not km / h), power, gear ratio and traction slowly match - the jump over the virtual scales is still impressive. The noise level too. If you are not enjoying the thunderstorm of the snotty-vulgar engine sound in sport mode, if you pull yourself together, hold the leash short, the gear up and the speed low - then you can feel the hint of luxury in everyday life. Driving comfort in the luxury segment is defined by the omission of noises. The S65 AMG Coupé wants to play a little more exhaust porn anytime, anywhere. An extreme balancing act. You probably don't play this game for yourself.

And nothing for everyday life in the land of 55 mph restrictions. Russian city highways or desert highways in the Emirates may be better suited to take responsibility for driving the S65 AMG Coupé. During the first test drive in California, you either get angry looks from Prius drivers, passionate looks from busty movie stars or look in the glove compartment for a flashlight to find a way out of the burn-out smoke of the tires.

Mercedes-AMG 04 S65 AMG Coupe


Two doors on 5 meter footage are sexy. 12 turbocharged cylinders sound even more erotic. A trunk lid, which can only be opened by key or the driver's seat, because you have saved a button directly on the rear, but hardly fits the rest of the impact.

How should you seriously judge a € 244.000 twelve-cylinder coupé? 

I surrender to excess, the ESP control remains on. From the twelve pots I ask little more than idle speed. The Magic-Body Control chassis with curve-tilting function lays itself in the curves, deliberately ironing out the tar stains and the Burmester system floods the interior with 24 speakers and more watts than torque. Can't get enough from Bad Company runs on the mobile phone connected via Bluetooth - watch out! 

Mercedes-AMG 19 S65 AMG Coupe


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