First ride: Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S

Where is a BMW M3, if you need it? Actually, there is only one competitor for the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 and it just comes from Garching near Munich. Sorry, dear Ingolstadt, your RS4 from Neckarsulm falls because of the standard four-wheel drive through the grid. We are talking here about sporty mid-size saloons, which are driven exclusively on the rear wheels and there is only one of us recently goodwill considered Lexus RC-F play, even if he will always remain an outsider in Germany. So let's go, buckle up and hold on to the first ride with the hottest siblings of 2015, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S. But beware: it will smell a lot like burned rubber.

The abbreviation AMG and the number 63, that used to stand for V8 vapor from 6,2 liters and yes, this engine is great, but unfortunately history. Consumption and emissions laws sent the sucker to the old part. However, the name remains: C63. And what now dwells under the aluminum hood of the fast C-Twins, this designation rightly, even if the crankshaft only 3.982 ccm balances. Because despite the two missing liter displacement there is no power poverty. Two turbochargers snuggling close together in the V of the cylinder banks drive the eight-cylinder on 476 or 510 PS. The location of the Turbinchen is commonly referred to as "hot indoor V" and is also used by the BMW M GmbH used. The advantage: short paths for intake air and exhaust gases and thus an almost turbocharged response and low exhaust emissions for the eco-conscience. Allegedly, the C63 brothers emit just under 200g CO2 / km or expressed in the new European Driving Cycle (NEDC): under 9 liters.

However, the readership may look us over, we do not know if these values ​​are achievable, because we were too intoxicated by sound and power development of the engine series M177 and were therefore far above this information. Because once you have scrolled to Sport + in the AMG Dynamic Select driving programs, the end is funny. Never before has a turbo engine sounded so good and seldom did force generated by forced breathing feel so harmonious.

Mercedes C63 AMG 01 driving test

The ESP settles for a wolf!

But harmony is relative when the C650 63 Newtonmeter and unbelievable 700 Nm in the C63 S tower just above the no-load limit. What does that mean for everyday driving? At least two grinning faces: that of the AMG Benders and the tire dealer, because when this torque is released on the "only" 265 millimeter wide rear tires, the ESP regulates a wolf and can only with difficulty prevent slippage on the drive axle. Allowing the stability program in "Sport Handling Mode" a little relaxation, begins a hearty Auskeilerei the rear and leaves occasional black lines on the asphalt. With a knowledgeable hand and a soulful gas foot even considerable drift angles are possible before colleague ESP wants to take part again. However, if you leave the data of ABS speed, yaw rate and acceleration sensor completely unprocessed, makes the fat grin wide. Provoked oversteer using the Affalterbacher superb motor is possible in almost every situation.

Mercedes C63 AMG 70 driving test

The Swabian Tüfler

But the German Muscle Car Duo can do even more: cornering! Although the AMG parameter steering could be a little more soulful, the precision compared to its predecessor W204 is a completely different world. In addition, armed with an elaborate four-link front axle, which gives a lot of grip, and a multi-link rear axle, which does not surrender to the forces, it can not only fly on Portuguese highways (which shine through incredibly poor road surfaces), but also on the racetrack Portimao. This uphill and downhill is a wonderful indicator of the capabilities of a chassis and you will notice that the Swabian inventors have done a great job: The AMG Ride Control can also regulate the shock absorbers electronically in three stages from "sufficiently comfortable" to "crisp hard" so that you not only find the right setup, but also creamy initiated drifts wonderfully controllable without evil commuters again 100% can convert into propulsion. But so much longitudinal and lateral dynamics must eventually be brought to a standstill again. The most relentless of course this is done with the 5.000 Euro expensive ceramic composite brake system, but even the 360 millimeter sized brake discs on the front axle of the "small" C63 give no cause for complaint even in the worst torture.

Mercedes C63 AMG 72 driving test

M or T?

The AMG interpretation of the C-Class seems so successful at the first contact. This also means that the 7 gear AMG Speedshift transmission finally comes up with reasonable switching times. That the AMG base, the series W205 also has a good DNA, we have already stressed several times. But what makes both C63 and C63 S particularly likeable is the fact that they are offered as T-models, because that's exactly what BMW does not have to offer in this class: an M-van. Unfortunately, we do not have the final assessment of the C-Twins the comparison to just this 431 PS strong BMW sedan. So where is the M3 when you need it? Portugal's southern tip is rare, because in the prevailing automotive Diaspora any form of highly motorized sedan is a rarity. In the Eifel that looks different and there is also a wonderful mountain and valley train for such a test of the two middle class athletes.

Hey Affalterbach and Garching, is ready.

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Technical data:

For sale:From now on
Base Price:C63: from 76.100,50 € / C63 S: from 84.371,00
Engine performance:476 PS or 510 PS 3.982 cm³
Drive and transmission:7 gear AMG Speedshift MCT
Acceleration:4,1 or 4,0 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Fuel consumption:8,2 or 8,4 liters on 100 km
maximum speed:250 km / h (290 km / h surcharge)
Length, width, height, wheelbase4.756, 1.839, 1.426, 2.840 mm
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What would the blogger order ??

The biggest question is: 476 PS or 510 PS - how much power do you need in the C-Class? We say: the 476 horses are perfect. The 34 more on PS we could not feel anything and around 8.000 Euro extra charge for the S-exclusive driving program "Race" in combination with an electronic instead of mechanically controlled rear-axle limited slip differential and a dynamic engine mounts is a lot of money, even if an even larger brake system and 19 "wheels are included. So often we would not go on the track with the C63 AMG, that this investment is worthwhile. Instead, we would invest the money saved in a T-model that starts at 77.766,50 Euro. And of course the AMG performance exhaust system and the magnificent color brilliant blue metallic.

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C63 and AMG GT
The engine of C63 and C63s is closely related to that of the Mercedes-AMG GT, M177 and M178 (AMG GT) both have 4,0 1, direct injection and two turbochargers and are assembled on the principle of "one man, one engine" in the AMG engine factory in Affalterbach. The difference is mainly in the dry sump lubrication of the AMG GT engine, that is: the engine has no oil pan under the crankshaft, in which the oil collects to be pumped back into the engine circuit, but a separate container with special pressure pump. As a result, M178 flatter and guarantees a more constant oil pressure in race track use.

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