#MBPOLARSUN - The video

You can agree a lot with Mercedes-Benz, and you can't even talk about the “sensual clarity” of an SUV (Editor gently: An SUV is a fat car, and thus the opposite of "sensual clarity"). So all the better if Mercedes-Benz takes the best moving image professional for #mbpolarsun, whom one can get for money and good words. “Dr. J. Schlörb ”, the artist that not only the rice pudding man trusts. In the end, the result is “sensual, clear images”, despite the SUV.


Our by far greatest adventure yet: 4500 km and 9 countries in only 10 days! From the Alps to the North Cape with an armada of Mercedes GLE SUVs. This is just a short roundup of our trip. Much more lengthy features about our rides (GLE 63s, GLE 450 AMG, GLE 400, GLE 350d and 250d) are yet to come!

And that was exactly it again. A huge adventure, a lot of fun and probably a great reason to bloody your ass. From Saalfelden to the northern end - chasing the polar sun.

Mercedes-Benz has once again invited “digital” multipliers and a hearty trip with them new GLE and GLE coupe Models. Just driving 4.500 km can cause bruises on the flesh and a lot of impressions.

The best thing that came back is of course this video - see below - but these links also offer real photo treats from the exciting trip to the Arctic Circle.

People in exceptional situations: #mbrt


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