# mbrt15 - The GLA45 AMG and the thing with the curves

mbrt15 10 from alabama to new york the trip

Day 1 - The GLA 250 and the GLA 45 AMG in a duel

211 HP to 360 HP, the question of who is faster over the quarter mile is probably answered quickly. One might think. A short chat in front of the “Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant” and then used the opportunity to use the closed access road to the nuclear power plant for testing.

This shows that both GLAs are quickly out of the starting blocks from the start. Only with the launch control does the 45er kick off the start line much more quickly. The GLA 250 has no such “jump start” and the driver has to help himself out on the track with a well-intentioned early start. The topic is then eaten up to 100 km / h. The 360 ​​PS GLA 45 AMG pulls away under the roaring acoustics of its turbocharger.

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Road trip day 2 - # mbrt15

From the GLA to the G model. From 211 hp to 544 hp. From mild boulevard SUVs to hardcore off-roaders. The possibilities of the models brought along are impressive. While the GLE and GLE Coupé are only allowed to be driven by employees of the Mercedes press office - we just shouldn't have the chance in front of the “established” media - the participants otherwise change cheerfully. 

Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 - the brave, GLA 45 AMG - the beast

mbrt15 15 from alabama to new york

Well-arranged in a row, somewhere in the mid-southwest. Somewhere by a lake. Or a river. In any case, there was a lot of fishing. That day we drove ahead with our GLA and actually only wanted to “step out” for a short time. But even a tough and unannounced maneuver could not confuse the colleagues. The road trip convoy stayed together - and all men left together. And then to the group photo. In the group photo? The cars, of course. It was a road trip.

mbrt15 12 from alabama to new york

In the US, you don't actually need a navigation device. The road layout is simple. North, south, east or west? Once this has been clarified, you will always reach your goal.

mbrt15 35 from alabama to new york

Supplement or contradiction?

Two Mercedes. Twice the letter G. Once pure. Once for the big city, for city life. Once for everything. No matter how trendy the GLE Coupé may be. My winner - and also the winner heart on this road trip - is the “old” G. The thing with rough edges.

mbrt15 13 from alabama to new york

GLE Coupe on the road

The GLE Coupé fit extremely well into the streets throughout the trip. And the Americans have no problem with the design of the GLE Coupé. Well then, goal achieved.

mbrt15 22 from alabama to new york

Tail of the Dragon - The GLA 45 AMG shows its heart

GLE, GLE Coupé, G - all just prelude. Day 1 was just the connection stage to one of the finest routes I've ridden so far. At the "Tail of the dragon”11 miles, 318 curves await the conqueror. A special route and online for a few weeks. The route at the Tail of the Dragon was also the start of a series of “everyday escapes”. We named the new category Getaway. In the coming months there will always be new stories about successful evasions from everyday life.

For us the Dragon Tail was an exciting tour, started early in the morning -

- and that was also important. So the road was clear. Only we, the GLA 45 AMG and one curve at a time ... for Dragon Tail? This way!

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Here it goes, to the third part ... # mbrt15



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