# mbrt15 - Great time, good trip. Fine cars

mbrt15 10 from alabama to new york the trip

After the Tail of the Dragon there were still almost 2.000 kilometers on the program, but actually we had the climax behind us. At least from the pure demands on the vehicles. 

mbrt15 29 from alabama to new york

And actually there is only one car that you can really be happy with. Mercedes-Benz G 550.

The charged V8 in the G 550 is not required on the Interstates. G550? The US designation of the G 500. And what is even less necessary is the obscene violence of the G63 AMG

But when do you have the luck and pleasure to drive both G Chiefs Head 2 Head? Just. Never. Unless you take part in # mbrt15. And even if you don't need the sheer power of the G550, it's nice to fall back on.


mbrt15 36 from alabama to new york

V8 vs. V8

With the G63 AMG it's like having a porn starlet as a friend. Clear. This is really cool. The looks wherever you go. Everyone is watching. You have the sharpest apparatus in tow. In the long run, however, it will be exhausting. At some point you get annoyed by the provocative demeanor. The obscene flaunt of the device.

mbrt15 41 from alabama to new york

Mercedes G63 - cross the USA

Endless straight ahead. Just the opposite of the G63. He doesn't really want to go straight. His rollers wander across the asphalt in search. Where's the next mountain? The next desert? The next surf? He actually just wants to keep the whole time. Be taken hard.

2.600 km across the United States? Preferably as the crow flies. Choose the direct route.

mbrt15 46 from alabama to new york mbrt15 43 from alabama to new york


Does it have to be the G63? No. I already said it. The G550 can do everything just as well. But he is not constantly under amphetamine and does not wear his skirt so short. It may be that it's just as cool as it sounds to be with a porn starlet. That would be nothing to me.

No. The G500 is enough for me.

mbrt15 27 from alabama to new york

Suddenly: New York - To the # mbrt15 final


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