# mbrt15 - And suddenly you are in New York

mbrt15 10 from alabama to new york the trip

You leave early in the south of the USA. First of all, take a quick tour of the factory, quickly adjust the breakfast on the face off-road. Pick up the GLE before it is presented at the fair. If you pack the GLE Coupé with it, the tour group is divided into a colorful mix of GLA and G models. And start driving. 2.600 km ahead of you.

2.600 km pass so quickly

In principle, all you think about is how you can capture all these impressions. At a gas station in Tennessee at night. It smells of deep-fried roast chicken, an old F150 is buzzing outside in front of the column, the air conditioning is running. You can feel it in the cold air wafting out of the open window. This is the United States. The fuel price has recovered. People have other worries.

Above all, they always have a smile. They joke with you. Nowhere else on a road trip do you feel as at home as here in the USA. That's why the places and hotels where you spend your breaks don't matter. The street is your home. The G550 your best friend.

The landscape changes in front of the window.

mbrt15 25 from alabama to new york

Road Trip Passion

Traveling in the car all day? You have to like it. It doesn't matter whether it goes straight on or through the Dragon Tail.

Washington DC? We have seen. At night. Shortly before midnight we stood in front of the White House. A surreal situation. Completely tired. Unable to grasp.

mbrt15 50 from alabama to new york

Last leg, Washington DC to New York

In principle, all you have to do now is grit your teeth, get in, drive off. Washington DC to New York? A stone's throw.

And suddenly you're in the Big Apple.

You did it. Accompanied the two fair premieres undamaged over 2.600 km to New York.

mbrt15 03 road trip alabama new york mercedes-benz

Because an arrival is also a goodbye

Arriving also means saying goodbye. Farewell to the trip. Alabama to New York? You don't do that because you have to drive the 2.600 km by car. You do that because of the ride itself. A road trip is always an end in itself. A suitable excuse to spend as much time in the car as possible. To meet people. Gain impressions that you don't get when you just have to travel from A to B.

A road trip is a lifestyle. 

Otherwise I have no idea about lifestyle topics, but road trips? This is my beloved lifestyle. This is - after my little daughter and my wife - the most fun in life. Blogging about cars? Probably a passion because I can disguise great fun as a duty.

When the arrival in New York the weather got worse, a clear sign. In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty we quickly dealt with the compulsory program - take a picture of the car in front of the skyline.

Before we (?), But definitely me, threw the longing very hard on the ground. Arriving is a goodbye. A farewell to the road trip.

mbrt15 01 road trip alabama new york mercedes-benz




But every farewell is a chance for a new road trip! # mbrt15 - photos!.



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