Mercedes-AMG GT, GT C Roadster and AMG GT R - open to the top

The open versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car are coming onto the market in spring, and can be ordered now

The open versions of the sports car Mercedes-AMG GT come onto the market in spring, you can order them now: For the regular GT Roadster (350 kW / 476 PS) 129.180 euros are due, a good 12.000 euros more than for the slightly weaker coupe. The GT C Roadster, with 410 kW / 557 hp positioned between the two coupés GT S (375 kW / 510 hp, 135.303 euros) and the new GT R (430 kW / 585 hp), costs at least 160.650 euros. The extreme athlete GT R also comes in spring and costs 165.410 euros.

Equipped with a soft top, the Porsche 911 competitor seems to be a little smoother on the road. The structure of the roadsters was naturally reinforced, among other things by side skirts with larger wall thicknesses and a strut brace between the top and the tank. An integrated aluminum cross member with roll bar serves as roll over protection. The fabric roof opens and closes in around eleven seconds, up to 50 km / h.

The AMG GT C Roadster makes use of some technical subtleties from the AMG GT R, including active rear-axle steering or the electronically controlled rear-axle limited slip differential. The AMG GT R genes are also visually recognizable at first glance - from the Panamericana grill to the wider rear. In addition, the GT C Roadster is equipped as standard with nappa leather, AMG performance steering wheel and the additional RACE driving program. (Hanne Schweitzer / SP-X)

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