Mercedes-AMG GTVier - does it also come as a diesel?

Just presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the new Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is now on in a digital computer retouch, ready for the road. Mercedes-AMG GT4, the internal project name, which is less of a classification for motorsport, like the GT3 logo of its brothers, but rather a reference to the “pragmatic” sides of the first pure AMG sports car. 

Four-seater AMG with diesel thrust?

Mercedes-AMG GT-Concept "GTvier"

In a politically correct way, Mercedes-AMG presented the concept vehicle as “EQ Power +” in Geneva. Probably the coolest combination right now. Independent AMG sports car with space for up to four people, but with a state-of-the-art drive system that combines V8 power with silent electric technology. Up to 815 hp are in discussion when speaking at Mercedes-AMG about the future opponent of the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7. The fact that the EQ brand, which stands for the clean technology of the future in the group, is associated with a new super sports car, also shows the seriousness with which the topic of “new drive technologies” is finally being tackled.

The one because of sheer eco-correctness is not the green chill down the back, but the outlook for the performance of a 800 + PS athlete with four-wheel drive and, most certainly, all-wheel steering should stand. However, a principle of Tobias Moers, the AMG boss with the sports driver's heart is called into question. For the right scale of a completely new AMG athlete, a range of drives must be made possible.

And if the A7, 6 Series Coupe and Porsche Panamera are in the crosshairs, then the AMG GTVier must also be available as a diesel. Which would be even more spectacular than the four-seater itself. An R6 diesel with triple charge and - very easy - 400 PS?

We will see it. You will definitely experience the four-seater “Pure AMG” athlete as a V8 and plug-in hybrid, as a diesel? I would make a bet ... our “gray” Mercedes-AMG GTVier is a computer retouching, but it could come that way.


And here are the photos of the Concept vehicle:


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