Mercedes-AMG Project One - the brutal birthday present

The first picture of the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Project One

Mercedes has officially announced that it will soon be launching a hypercar developed and produced by AMG with Formula 1 drive technology and street legal. On the occasion of AMG's 50th birthday, the Swabians have now revealed some details and the name and published a first sketch.

Mercedes emphasizes that the hypercar named Project One should not offer mild, but real Formula 1 technology for the road. As with the current F1 racing car from Mercedes, a mix of a small turbocharged petrol engine for the rear axle and an electric drive for the front axle is also to be used here. For the all-wheel drive, the Swabians promise a system output of over 1.000 hp. In terms of performance and efficiency, the hypercar is supposed to show the way to "AMG Future Performance". In plain language: Project One anticipates the trend towards downsizing and electrification of upcoming AMG drives.

The first official picture shows the vehicle from behind. The super car builds flat and wide. Instead of a rear window, you can see openings and slots for what is probably a very complex engine cooling system. In addition, a hood for an air intake system on the roof can be seen, which merges into a central fin.

Presumably in September 2017, the AMG hypercar will celebrate its official premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt, marking the culmination of the fiftieth anniversary of the performance brand. Mercedes will produce the Formula Sweeper with road approval in very small numbers. The exclusive clientele will probably have to invest one to two million euros for the star bearer. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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