Mercedes app for e-vehicles: Charge electricity more often to save CO2

Learning through play: This not only applies to children, but also to e-car drivers. Mercedes relies on an app and a reward.

Another Mercedes app is now available so that Mercedes drivers can become familiar with their battery-electric vehicle or plug-in hybrids more quickly. The "me Eco Coach" app acts as a digital trainer and gives tips on how to use the e-models efficiently and therefore with low consumption. In addition to advice on correct charging or moderate acceleration, the app also offers playful incentives. In so-called challenges, for example, the user can collect points if he drives his plug-in hybrid with a high proportion of electric driving or charges it as often as possible. The points achieved can be converted into rewards in an integrated bonus program. For example, there is a choice of charging vouchers for the “Mercedes me Charge” charging service. In addition, users have the opportunity to compete with other drivers.
However, the app does not only have advantages for the users. Drivers of plug-in hybrids often forego recharging and rely on the conventional engine to get around. The potential climate protection potential of their vehicles is not called upon, so that critics are calling for plug-ins to be removed from the e-car funding program. Without government support, however, purchasing these expensive models would be significantly less attractive. Manufacturers like Mercedes need the low CO2 values ​​of these vehicles in order to achieve low fleet emissions.

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