Mercedes builds a pick-up

There are no more taboos and a unique Daimler DNA should soon be regarded as history. After the smart was developed with Renault, the GLA genes soon to trickle around the country as Infiniti compact SUV and even the compact city delivery van is a sparsely disguised Kangoo, now comes the Mercedes-Benz pick-up.

Mercedes-Benz GLL?

Together with Renault-Nissan, Mercedes-Benz will develop a pick-up with a platform based on the Japanese Navara (or Frontier). This will include the class around the VW Amarok, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200 among the competitors. A ladder frame, rigid axle rear with leaf springs and rustic engines may be considered set.

The Mercedes-Benz pick-up with still unknown names is primarily being developed for the markets in South America, Africa and Australia - although there is also talk of tackling the European market.

Current sources speak of a market entry of the Mercedes pick-up in the next two years - this is also supported by the cooperation with Renault-Nissan. The current generation of their Navara has already come onto the market.

We took a brush and paper (yes, yes, purely virtual) and created our own design of the “1.0 ton” pick-up. This includes more details than in the sketch that Mercedes-Benz published on Instagram last week.


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