Mercedes-Benz: buying a car via home shopping

Homeshopping: These were or are these terrible TV infomercials running on relevant channels. Often you get turned on clutter, the abgehalfterte Z-celebrities have invented and now want to bring to the man or woman. Of course, you get the squad also thrown online afterwards. What does this have to do with cars? Not very much. But online shopping does not stop at the car industry, so Mercedes-Benz jumped on the bandwagon. In December last year with Smart Launched in Italy, the Stuttgart now offer the brand with the star for online purchase.

Initially, only preconfigured models are available via home shopping. But that symbolizes the first step of the premium league into the beautiful online shopping world. This allows you to feel whether the intended customer is even ready to buy an expensive luxury product on the Internet.

Sales of the future - "Best Customer Experience"
It happens with a few clicks: A new Mercedes-Benz car is “in” the shopping cart

Under you can look at the preconfigured new cars and ordered directly if you like. Even electric and hybrid vehicles are available and can be ordered. However, so that you do not destroy the trade from within, you prefer to cooperate closely with it. The branches and distribution partners profit by delivering the ordered vehicles to the nearest branch. Here you can then make contact with the buyers.

Sales of the future - "Best Customer Experience"
If you have any questions, the mobile site will help

But if you are not quite sure whether the selected model is actually the right one, you can first arrange a test drive in the online store - but with a similar model. But if you are sure, it doesn't necessarily have to be a purchase. In addition to the purchase, leasing and financing are also available. With the video identification process, the customer is conveniently identified by webcam on the sofa at home and his data is forwarded to the Mercedes-Benz bank. This means that not only is Mercedes-Benz home shopping playing a pioneering role, but also the way of offering customers convenient and secure identification - at least as far as the automotive industry is concerned. Also practical: the closing time law does not apply to online shopping. Only overnight express delivery is likely to be difficult. But at least the postage - i.e. the transportation costs - is included.


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