Mercedes-Benz E Convertible - The stuff dreams are made of

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet; 2017; Exterior: aragonite silver metallic, AMG Line; Interior: yacht blue / macchiatobeige; Trim parts: wood sen light brown shiny // Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet; 2017; exterior: aragonite silver metallic, AMG line; interior: yacht blue / macchiato beige, trim parts: high-gloss light brown wood

Let's face it, all the folding roof convertibles in recent years may be handy, but one is the least - pretty to look at. And to a classic convertible now, sometimes a fabric hood. Fortunately, this was never different with the Mercedes-Benz E-Convertible and so does the new model with a textile cap. What the Swabian still has to offer, let's take a closer look.

It stays that way Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible is an open four-seater. Like no other vehicle of the Stuttgart, the new model embodies the sensual clarity - the design philosophy of the Swabians. Especially nice: that E convertible comes with the roof closed without the annoying roof pillar, the Disconnected could not be bypassed. Otherwise, the youngest member of the E-Class family is comfortable and luxurious.

Sensual-clear lines on the handsome E-Class convertible.

Design - With classic cloth caps

When the roof is closed you can see the e-convertible the similarity to the coupe - very pretty. Especially as the surface-accentuated design comes along with a clear silhouette that does not require annoying roof pillars. So the design looks elegant and seduces with its reduced lines. In addition to the silhouette but also the front part of the coupe is known. This is how the Mercedes-Benz E-Convertible, with its deeply positioned diamond grille and central star, is ahead and also features LED high-performance headlights. Optional high-resolution Multibeam LED floodlights are available. For a powerful appearance called Powerdomes on the hood.

To a classic convertible belongs a pretty fabric hood.

The central decorative element that divides the interior from the exterior also ensures elegance: a strip of polished aluminum and around the window frame. Opposite the sedan, the convertible 15 mm is deeper and drives on standard 17-inch rims before, but should appear somewhat lost in the bulbous wheel arches. The soft top gives you the choice of four shades. The cloth cap is available in brown, black, blue and red and is available as standard as an acoustic hood. This reduces on the one hand the wind and wind noise, while the insulation of the soft top converts the convertible to the other all year round. In addition, it is one of the fastest in the country: it opens and closes within 20 seconds and up to 50 km / h electrically. When opened, the Mercedes-Benz E Convertible offers such a trunk volume of 310 liters, while closed 75 liters are more available. In addition, the rear seat backrests can be converted in the ratio 50: 50. Nice to have, but who goes with an E convertible already in the hardware store?

Fine interior in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible

I was allowed to watch the e-convertible already a few weeks ago.

New are the youngest scion of the E-ClassFamily also the dimensions. The convertible now measures 4,82 m, putting 12,3 cm on top of its predecessor. The width grew by 7,4 cm on 1,86 m, while the wheelbase impressive 11,3 cm grew to now 2,87 m. This should provide the passengers with enough room to move around. In addition to the ordinary space, the inmates also enjoy the usual flowing lines and the solid character. And, as we know it from the E-Class brothers, the technology is not too short. For example, two 12,3 inch widescreens are available as an option, merging under a common cover. The base offers an 7 inch instrument display with an 8,4 inch infotainment screen. The visual highlight in the cockpit, however, are the ventilation nozzles in the turbine design. The Infotainment is operated in various ways: There are about the touch controls on the steering wheel, which allow the operation of finger-wiping movements. Or the touchpad with handwriting recognition. In addition, the controller in the center console and the voice control Linguatronic.

Well-known cockpit with a new color combination. This is reserved for the “25th Anniversary”.

You take a seat on sporty individual seats on all four courses. In front, the armchairs also shine with strongly shaped side cheeks. And so that it does not become too cold in the interior at low temperatures, the E Cabrio can optionally be equipped with the headspace heater Airscarf. It is supplemented by the Aircap wind deflector with its extendable windscreen spoiler, which pleasantly guides the approaching air to the passengers' heads. Another classic element in the interior: the electric belt feeders.

Drives - Usual on four paws

No matter in which trim: The interior immediately appeals.

At the market launch, the Mercedes-Benz E Convertible with known diesels and gasoline will be ready. For the first time, however, it is with the permanent four-wheel drive 4Matic available. In addition, the 9G-Tronic drives as standard. While the 15mm lowers suspension with a pleasant balance, the optional Active Body Control offers adjustable damping. It gives you the choice between Comfort, Sport and Sport +. In addition, you can equip the new convertible with Dynamic Select, which affects the vehicle character. Here, the throttle response, shift points and the start-stop function in the Comfort, ECO, Sport, Sport + and Individual levels are affected. Of course, this is served and illustrated by infotainment. This is of course known in the open four-seater sedan and coupe.

Of course, safety at Mercedes has always been one of the most important topics. And so comes the E-Class Convertible with Presafe, a variety of electronic helpers and numerous airbags pulled up. Including a knee airbag for the driver and thorax-pelvis-airbags for the first row of seats. Optionally, airbags can be integrated into the headrests. In addition, of course, the complete armada can be ordered to assistants.

Happy Birthday E-Class Convertible

Iridium silver or rubellite nitrate are the selectable colors for the special model for the 25. Birthday.

Unbelievable, but true, the Mercedes-Benz E-Convertible will be 25 years old. And for this birthday, the Stuttgart set the special model 25th Anniversary. While the model of 1992 is now considered a desirable collector's item, the youngest member has yet to be. The special model has other qualities for this, such as 20 five-spoke inch wheels, the convertible comfort package or trim strips in open-pored wood, and ambient lighting. The interior comes with a designo leather upholstery in Macciatobeige / Titian red and a diamond quilting, while in the exterior painting has a choice of rubellite or iridium silver. Always with you: A dark red soft top. And so you do not forget how long the tradition goes back already, numerous badges and embroidery on the special model and the age of the series. For another 25 years.

As with the first electric convertible: The red tone is the open Stuttgarter best.


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