The 5 top technology features of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class

World premiere in Detroit this Sunday

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The E-Class (W213) - The taxi becomes a state-of-the-art spaceship

Touch controls, linguatronic, drive pilot, near field communication and remote parking - Stuttgart digitizes the business class.

With the world premiere of the W213 in Detroit for the first time control panels for a multifunctional touch operation in the steering wheel of a car catchment. Two areas are waiting for the driver's thumbs so that they can interact with the vehicle, similar to a smartphone touchscreen. The thumb-sized touch panels respond to horizontal and vertical wiping motions. The right touch panel controls the right of the two large displays, while the left touch panel controls the new Full HD display directly in front of the driver. From the on-board computer via the navigation system to the multimedia system, the driver can use dozens of functions without having to take his hands off the steering wheel.

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The 5 technology Highlights of the new E-Class

1.) The new 12.3-inch full-HD displays and the two Touch Control panels are the first clear indications of the aspiration that the E-Class is supposed to embody. It is a clear sign for the competition that the stupid taxi is becoming the “smartest” business class limousine in its segment. Step 1 and thus the first highlight: The modern full HD displays and the innovative way of operating the E-Class for the driver. The fact that the safety aspect is deliberately pushed forward, the driver should act without distraction and with both hands on the steering wheel, is typical of the automobile inventors from Stuttgart.

2.) The "Drive Pilot". This system combines the well-known “Distronic” assistance system with new intelligence. On motorways and country roads, the distance to vehicles in front can now be maintained and the E-Class follows them up to a speed of 210 km / h. The new Steering Assist can now also manage typical motorway bends - and all without a driver. This combination of the two assistants works up to a speed of 130 km / h. By observing surrounding vehicles and parallel structures, the vehicle recognizes its own surroundings and acts accordingly. The restart function now enables the vehicle to be started automatically in a traffic jam within 30 seconds of a stop. In connection with "Comand Online", the speed limit pilot (Distronic) can independently comply with speed limits (e.g. 80 km / h in front of construction sites) via camera or navigation data. For the first time, the Drive Pilot function also includes a Active lane change assistant. As soon as the driver sets the turn signal, the assistant actively supports the driver when steering to the adjacent lane, if it has been recognized as free.

The Active Brake Assist with crossing function can detect cross-traffic and brake autonomously if the driver does not react, and can brake much earlier autonomously in dangerous situations at the end of a traffic jam with no chance to evade. A supplement to the Pedestrian detection The Active Brake Assist offers the Dodge Steering Wizard. When the driver initiates an evasive action, the function may assist the driver by imposing extra calculated steering moments on the steering, and then facilitating the straightening of the vehicle.

And that's still not all about security and assistance features!

The Active Lane Keeping Assist can help prevent unintentional lane departure with lane-correcting one-way braking interventions even with dashed lines and danger of collision, for example by oncoming traffic or overtaking vehicles.

The Active Blind Spot Assist can now also warn of side collisions in typical city traffic at low speeds and intervene to correct the lane if there is a risk of side collision above 30 km / h. “Pre-Safe Plus” can protect against collisions caused by following traffic and their effects on the occupants.

“Pre-Safe Sound” is based on a human reflex in the inner ear, the so-called stapedius reflex. If the risk of a collision is detected, the system emits a brief noise signal that prepares the occupants' hearing for the expected accident noise.

The “Pre-Safe Impulse Side” moves the driver and front passenger to the side away from the danger area if a side collision is detected and is imminent. To do this, the system inflates an air chamber on the impact side in a fraction of a second, which is located in the side bolsters of the front seat backrest.

Security systems and assistance systems - everything united - let the new E-Class with the Drive-Pilot become the first really usable “partially autonomous” sedan in the world. And that Mercedes-Benz is already one step further can be seen from the fact that the state of Nevada has approved the new E-Class (W213) as the first production sedan for research into “autonomous driving”. So: Everything on board to be able to drive autonomously in the near future ... This makes the W213 series currently the most intelligent business sedan in the world. 

3.) Remote Park Pilot: For the first time, this system allows the vehicle to be parked in and out of garages and parking spaces from the outside using a smartphone app. Can “the competitors” too - but, just the thought that the otherwise rather conservative Stuttgarters have decided on such a solution - in series - vtakes the place 3 in the top 5 technical features of the new E-Class.

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4.) Multibeam LED spotlight: The high-resolution lighting system with each 84 individually controlled high-performance LED per headlight illuminates the road automatically and with precisely controlled light distribution without dazzling other road users. Let there be light and Daimler created the 84 LED light for the business class. Top 4!

Brilliant displays in the cockpit of the new E-Class.
Brilliant displays in the cockpit of the new E-Class.

5.) Smartphone integration! The new digital car key uses the technology of Near Field Communication and enables you to use your own smartphone as a vehicle key. Mercedes-Benz also integrates the smartphone with an inductive charging cradle and an equally contactless external antenna. The fact that Apple CarPlay is also offered appears to be “logical” in this context. Mercedes-Benz turns the user's smartphone into an active component of the vehicle. This means that limits are exceeded and that is the top 5 of the “top technical features” in the new E-Class.

And it There are people who say that new E-Class would be better than the first-class at Lufthansa .. well, I decide after the first test drive in the business class flagship of the Stuttgart.


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