Mercedes Concept A Sedan - First outlook

Mercedes gives an outlook on the next A-Class

It has been five years Mercedes A-Class on the hump and is thus already reached in the autumn of their construction period. At the end of 2018, the new generation is expected to be presented, which will then roll 2019 to the dealers in the beginning. On the eve of the Auto Show in Shanghai, Mercedes is now with the study Concept A Sedan a first taste of the new compact class.

The fact that the study as a classic three-box sedan vorfährt, is no coincidence

The new edition follows in big footsteps: Despite all initial doubts, the radical change of design in the current generation has paid off for Mercedes. Although one or the other existing customer, who had no desire for the progressive, new design, or a model change to the more conservative B-Class, may have been lost. But at the same time the brand has gained many new buyers - and they were significantly younger than the previous clientele.

The new edition is expected for 2019

Of course, the successor should continue this trend, because: The sooner the customer finds the brand, the more time she has finally to work within the product portfolio upwards - and thus to flush more money in the Stuttgart coffers. And with the design language of the 4,57 Meter long Concept A Sedan, Daimler has good chances to continue to score among young people. The large, clear surfaces continued the design introduced by the chief creative Gordon Wagener - apart from a few eye-catching beads, from which he actually wanted to get away - consistently and look elegant and sporty to the same. The sharply drawn, triangular headlights and the Panamericana grill with its vertical struts awaken memories of the AMG study GT Concept recently shown in Geneva. Fittingly there are short overhangs, a set backwards Greenhouse and muscular wheel arches.

The large, clear surfaces consistently continued the design introduced by executive creative Gordon Wagener

So the direction is clear, more sportiness, more dynamism - and maybe also a new body shape: Because the study drives up as a classic three-box sedan is no accident. A notchback variant of the A-Class is more than likely: Audi is leading the way with the A3 and the BMW 1 Series will also be available in the future - at least in China - as a sedan. It is still unclear whether the sleek CLA Coupé will also be on offer or whether Mercedes will be limited to its combination offshoot Shooting Brake. In contrast, the new editions of the compact SUV GLA and the aforementioned B-Class are considered to be set. In addition, there should also be another SUV offshoot of the new compact generation, which is probably called GLB.

With the design idiom of the 4,57 meter long Concept A Sedan, Daimler has a good chance to continue to score among young people

While the ready-to-drive Concept A Sedan, which does not yet allow a view of the interior, is already very close to series production in many details, the designers have allowed themselves not only with the retractable door handles but also with the headlamps a gimmick that is probably exclusive to the show car will be reserved. Inside the luminaires there is a concise lattice structure, which originates from a high-quality 3D printer. This is coated with a UV varnish, which is illuminated with ultraviolet light. For example, the headlight can be made to glow in different colors - for example, white for daytime running lights. The same technology is also used in the rear lights, in the production version, Mercedes probably but on both sides rather rely on classic LED lights.

The sharply drawn, triangular headlights and the Panamericana grill with its vertical struts awaken memories of the AMG study GT Concept recently shown in Geneva

Speaking of classic: Great surprises are not to be expected for the first time the engine offer of the new A-Class. Daimler will continue to rely on four-cylinder combustion, which - at least at the lower end of the range - could be supplied by the cooperation partner Renault. Homeowners are certainly the strong versions that should come in the AMG-A-class up to 470 PS. How it goes in terms of electromobility, is still in the stars. A plug-in version of the A-Class is definitely possible. A purely electric variant under the new eco sub-brand EQ, on the other hand, could build on the higher body variants GLA and GLB: they have enough space for the batteries in the ground. (Michael Gebhardt / SP-X)

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