Mercedes EQS

The series version of the EQS study is expected in the first half of the year

In times of corona and high pollution, clean air is becoming more and more important. Mercedes customers should be able to breathe freely in the future.  

Clean air like in an operating room - that is what the new interior filter system of the Mercedes EQS promises. For the first time, the group is using a highly effective HEPA filter in the electric luxury sedan, which filters the smallest dust particles and viruses from the air we breathe. So far, the technology was only available in models from the US electrical pioneer Tesla.

The HEPA filters, also known from hospitals, require significantly more space than the usual cabin filters for cars. Electric cars offer the necessary installation space, as they can do without the combustion engine and its ancillary units in the front area. With a volume of almost ten liters and an area of ​​a good four A4 sheets, the HEPA filter removes even PM2.5 class fine dust, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and unpleasant smells from the ambient air, according to Mercedes.

The Mercedes EQS is expected for spring. The optically independent electric offshoot of the S-Class should offer a range of 700 kilometers. In addition to the sedan, four other e-models are planned on the same platform.

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