Mercedes GLC is European export champion

Europe is a net exporter of passenger cars. German premium vehicles leave the continent particularly often.

The Mercedes GLC is European export champion. Around 2019 units of the mid-range SUV were delivered to non-European countries in 150.000, according to statistics from the consulting company Inovev. The E-Class from Mercedes followed in second place with around 125.000 units, while third place went to the 3-series from BMW with around 110.000 vehicles exported.

The most imported car was the Dacia Sandero, built in Morocco, with around 225.000 units in 2019. With a good 100.000 vehicles each, Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Kona completed the top trio. A total of around 2019 million cars were imported to Europe in 2,17, around 3,4 million vehicles were exported from Europe (including Turkey).

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