Mercedes-Maybach: S 600 The coronation of the S-Class

Maybach had no chance alone. The 2002 revived as a Rolls-Royce competitor's pre-war brand was only barely ten years old. Now the name and logo are back: this time, however, under the roof of the S-Class. As a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the luxury sedan is now wooing well-heeled customers at prices starting at 134.000 euros.

Even the long version of the S-Class offers plenty of space and luxury. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class tops this: with a length of 5,45 meters and a wheelbase of 3,37 meters, the chauffeur-driven sedan has grown by 20 centimeters. This benefits the passengers on the back seat - they can comfortably stretch their legs in the two reclining seats with quilted cushions. The interior has been refined once more; extras such as folding tables for working or voice amplification for chauffeur-driven entertainment are optionally available.

From the outside, the revaluation can only be recognized by the details. Among other things, the rear door was shortened by almost seven centimeters compared to the long version of the S-Class and the triangular window was moved to the C-pillar. The rear seats lie behind the door opening, the door swings open, the occupants are not directly exposed to the flash of lightning by the photographer, but have a moment of privacy.

The special S-Class is no compromise in terms of performance either: the V12 biturbo of the top model S 600 (from 187.842 Euro) gets 390 kW / 530 PS (830 Nm torque) from a displacement of six liters. The power is distributed by a seven-speed automatic transmission. In the S 500 (134.000 Euro), an 4,7 liter V8 biturbo is used, which produces 335 kW / 455 PS.

Despite the fine ingredients, the Mercedes-Maybach is not the most expensive vehicle of the brand. This title remains reserved for the G 65 AMG off-road vehicle, which is available from 268.345 euros. And the sporty S-Class offshoot S 65 AMG is also noticeably more expensive with 234.906 Euro. That could change if the Swabians push the Pullmann top model, which is another meter longer, in spring.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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