Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The large chauffeur-driven limousine from Mercedes-Maybach offers even more space than the S-Class and makes the chauffeur superfluous. At least partially and temporarily.

Even with the Mercedes S-Class, there is still room for improvement when it comes to luxury. This will be filled by the Maybach variant of the luxury sedan from spring. With 18 centimeters more wheelbase, electrically opening rear doors and ambient lighting with 253 LEDs.

Pure luxury for the occupants

At 5,47 meters in length, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class clearly towers above the long version of the standard model, and it is almost 30 centimeters shorter than the normal wheelbase sedan. The resulting gain in space benefits completely the rear passengers, who sit on reclining seats and have full access to the MBUX on-board infotainment system. Special ambient lighting, electric belt feeders and an active noise suppression system should also ensure well-being. The latter works according to the counter-sound technology known from headphones and uses the speakers of the Burmester audio system.

When it comes to safety and comfort technology, the Maybach uses the normal S-Class. For example, the well-known active air suspension is intended to increase driving comfort and rear-axle steering to improve maneuverability. There is also digital LED light on board, which is supposed to provide particularly good illumination of the road and projects symbols or guidelines onto the asphalt. For the second half of the year, the "Drive Pilot" announced for the standard model is also available, which enables level 3 autonomous driving. The chauffeur can then temporarily take his hands off the steering wheel and devote himself to other tasks.

Engine still unknown

The automatic rear doors are not available in the normal S-Class. You open and close independently at the push of a button; To prevent accidents from occurring, they are linked to the vehicle's blind spot warning system, which detects approaching road users. The system is optional, there is an electric closing aid as standard, which automatically lets the doors fall into the lock over the last few millimeters.

Mercedes has not yet given any details about the engine. All that has been announced is that the Maybach can be combined with various drives. It is unclear whether the twelve-cylinder known from its predecessor will also be available in Germany in addition to a V8. The price is also not yet mentioned. The old generation was available with a V8 petrol engine and rear-wheel drive from around 140.000 euros.

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