NAIAS 2017: Extension of the Mercedes-AMG GT program

"Let's go to Detroit" is the name of one of my favorite films - "Out of Sight". You may say what you want about the strip, but the sentence is true this year, as rarely. In addition to the facelift of the compact SUV Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Stuttgart-based company is also showing the refurbishment of the Mercedes-AMG GT at the NAIAS 2017 in Detroit. And it is really worth taking a closer look at this racing car, after all we are talking about more than just a facelift: the parade athlete is supplemented by the Mercedes-AMG GT C, which is positioned between the AMG GT S and AMG GT R. Too much confusion of letters? We light up the darkness!

Happy birthday, AMG! The not exactly tame department of the Stuttgart company already exists for 50 years and that also means “50 Years of Driving Pleasure” - at least that's what AMG says. For everyone else, this means: V8 turbo power at its finest, as there are now no fewer than seven variants of the Mercedes-AMG GT that almost all rely on a turbocharged 4.0 eight-cylinder.

The fastest horse in the stable: Still the AMG GT R.

New racing car: the Mercedes-AMG GT C as a coupé

The entry into the beautiful new one AMG GT-World happens with 476 PS. The basic unit has thus increased by 14 PS and 30 Nm. The maximum torque is therefore an impressive 630 Nm. The next strongest in the group is the Mercedes-AMG GT S. Its performance grew by 12 to a total of 522 horsepower and can proliferate with a torque of 670 Nm. This represents an increase of 20 Nm. The AMG GT C is new as a coupé - as Roadster this variant already exists. It delivers 557 PS and directs 680 Nm to the rear wheels. The strongest street legal version is called AMG GT R, is already known to us as a green hulk and generates huge 585 PS and round 700 Nm. The top model here is the AMG GT3 apply, which marks a different chapter as a real racing car. If you add the respective convertible versions, you get seven AMG GT variants, i.e. an entire model family.

More than just an optical adjustment

Big mouth with 15 silver teeth: Panamericana grill for all AMG GT variants

The performance increases are partly due to the adapted optics. The most striking feature is the new front section with the “Panamericana Grill” familiar from the GT R. This now adorns all AMG GT models and is intended to emphasize the proximity to motorsport. With its 15 chrome struts, which look like aggressive bared teeth, it makes the front aggressive and emphasizes the width. But, back to the topic, the function also benefited from it. The air supply and downforce were improved due to the enlarged air inlets.

In addition, the active air control system "AIRPANEL" is now used. It has vertical slats in the lower area of ​​the front apron that can be closed and opened within fractions of a second. This enables the units to be cooled as required. In normal operation, the slats are closed to ensure better air resistance. Only when certain temperatures are reached do the fins open for maximum cooling air flow. This allowed the oil cooler to move from the front into the wheel arches and create more space for the main water cooler.

As most people will see it: from behind. The wider tail is reserved for AMG GT C and R.

This naturally results in improved driving performance. The smallest version, the AMG GT Roadster, sprints to 4,0 km / h in exactly 100 seconds and reaches a maximum of 302 km / h. The GT S manages this discipline in 3,8 seconds and shoots at 310 km / h. The new Mercedes-AMG GT C is one tenth and seven kilometers an hour faster, while the GT R adds another tenth and an additional hour.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R as an organ donor

However, the paper form only insufficiently reflects the increased driving dynamics. The new Mercedes-AMG GT C, for example, offers numerous details that were adopted from the GT R. There is, for example, the rear with an increase of 57 mm, which not only looks stunning, but also enables the accommodation of a wider track. In addition, the engineers installed the active rear axle steering known from the GT R, thanks to which even higher cornering speeds can be achieved. Up to 100 km / h, the rear wheels turn counter to the direction of the front wheels and result in a more agile cornering. It also reduces the turning circle. At speeds above 100 km / h, the rear wheels steer with the front wheels and create more driving stability. Another positive effect: the massive rear axle grip and great stability. The rest is done by a rear axle differential, which is standard in the AMG GT S, C and R models.

Of course, the Mercedes-AMG GT C also benefits from the AMG sports suspension, which is made almost entirely of aluminum. This saves weight and reduces unsprung masses. The AMG RIDE CONTROL ensures high track and camber rigidity as well as improved cornering performance. Its continuously variable, adaptive dampers are electronically controlled and adapt the damping to the respective situation.

Dark journeyman: The special edition 50 model

Black and silver theme in the interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Edition 50

These optimizations celebrate their start in the special Edition 50 model. It is available in the two exclusive special paint finishes "designo graphite gray" and "designo cashmere white magno". The sporty, dark look is underlined by applications in chrome black, which extends into the cross-spoke rims.

The theme of black and silver is continued in the interior. This is particularly evident in the "Nappa STYLE" leather interior with its gray contrasting topstitching, which results in a very chic diamond pattern. In addition, there are black features for the steering wheel spokes, the shift paddles and other elements. And when you come across a Mercedes-AMG GT driver with a strange haircut on the back of the head, it is certainly not because of his hairdresser, but because of the special model. After all, the AMG Performance seats of the GT Edition 50 have an embossing in the headrests that will literally burn their heads when it comes to the performance offered.

No matter in which version: The performance of the AMG GT is above reproach

Otherwise, the equipment range of the other Mercedes-AMG GT variants was expanded. In addition to many design details, there is now the “AMG Track Pace”. With its help, the smartphone should become a racing engineer by recording lap times and other important details of the race track trip. So you can analyze and improve your driving style on the slopes. Maybe someone will take over this part in a few years autonomous driving system, As long as this is not the case, we look forward to the wonderfully martial style of the “moped” Mercedes-AMG GT!

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