New E-car platform at Mercedes-Benz

Part 3 of the five-part series on the electrification of mobility at Mercedes-Benz

Own platform for electric vehicles at Mercedes-Benz

So far, the Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer has implemented the electric vehicles as derivatives of the existing model series. No matter whether fuel cell or electric B-Class, whether smart or experimental vehicles. Instead of the burner, the electric motor moved. This has advantages in the implementation of small series, such as the fuel cell PHEV Mercedes GLC, which will come in 2017 - but is also an innovation hurdle. At the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz will present a new approach for Stuttgart in autumn: the first Daimler platform for pure electromobility.

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The first purely electric car on a new platform, an SUV?
The TESLA alternative from Stuttgart

The Stuttgart electric class to come will reach up to 500 km purely electric. A value that is already implemented at TESLA today. This new platform means something big for the people of Stuttgart and announces a paradigm shift. Just invested billions in new diesel engines, you will now be spending a lot of money and bringing electromobility forward.

F015 and F125 were the heralds

As always, the concept vehicles from past auto shows show the way into the future a little. With the Concept vehicles F015 and much earlier, with that then F125 baptized concept vehicle have shown the Stuttgart, a limousine with zero emissions in local operation, you can also imagine with a star and from Swabia.

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Soon only with a plug?

Consistently electric

A platform, which as a model could also come from a TESLA store, serves as the first representation of the upcoming series vehicles. Together with a frame made of composite materials, the batteries form the base plate of the next generation of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz wants to manufacture the batteries itself and has founded a subsidiary for this purpose. Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE will use supplied lithium-ion battery stacks (cell technology) to manufacture the energy storage devices for the coming generations of electric vehicles. The batteries produced by Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE will also be available for the plug-in hybrid models with the star.

The axles with the electric motors are located in front of and behind the battery pack. In the raw stage, the system looks very similar to the Tesla product, the USPs, the Daimler unique selling points will have to be looked for in the end product as an inclined customer. However, the layout for an 100% battery-electric sedan only seems to make sense.

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Cars on a charging station. The future!

Platform for future electric cars

While electrification at Mercedes-Benz currently primarily means “plug-in hybrid” for the series vehicle, the platform to be unveiled in Paris will mark the starting signal for a new generation and model family of e-cars. While the platform is to be presented at the Paris Motor Show, the first vehicle is expected to hit the market before 2020. Well. By then, TESLA will already have the third generation of its own e-vehicle in stores - but - finally, Mercedes-Benz also seems to be steering full steam ahead into the electric future.

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Mercedes-Benz supports CCS

500 kilometers range? This is only possible with a battery pack of at least 85 kWh. This in turn must be loaded in a minimum time. The end customer will only be convinced if the charging breaks are shortened. Mercedes-Benz will therefore rely on the CCS charging system and thus support fast charging. The short- and long-term prospects for the CCS system are charging capacities of 150 kW and more.

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