News: Mercedes C-Class Coupé - beauty king in camouflage suit

After the sedan and estate, Mercedes will soon launch the C-Class as a coupé

Mercedes is getting ready for the show in the middle class. As the third variant after the sedan and T-model, the Swabians are currently preparing a coupé for the C-Class. The two-door car celebrates its world premiere in September at the IAA in Frankfurt and will be launched at the turn of the year - in time for the facelift for the BMW four-series and clearly before Audi pulls the cloth off the new A5.

The two-door car celebrates its world premiere at the IAA in September
The two-door car celebrates its world premiere at the IAA in September

One can still only guess at the neat line that Gordon Wagener of the C-Class has pressed into the sheet. But even if the prettiest rear of the C-Class is covered in thick camouflage film until the unveiling in Frankfurt, you can already see the silhouette, which is unusually steep for a coupé, the steeply sloping roof and the clearly retracted passenger compartment, and you can see what a sharp silhouette there in the future courting for attention. In addition, the coupe not only wants to be a feast for the eyes, but also tries to be a feast for the ears. It is not for nothing that the two-door car gets a flap exhaust with a particularly sporty touch. And for good reason, Früh preferred not to take over the basic engines and therefore started with the 156 PS of the C 180. The 510 PS strong C 63S from the AMG range marks the top and may soon have to give way there. Because a "Black Series" would suit the coupe better than any other Mercedes on this side of the GT.

Inside, passengers can expect a subtle atmosphere soaked in adrenaline: the seats are mounted closer to the floor and cut deeper, the steering wheel offers a bit more grip, and just like the coupés from the E- or S-Class, a gripper arm now electrically extends the belt ,

As soon as it snaps into place, Früh lets it really crack on his take-off ride. The 1,5 lowered suspension chassis tighter, the steering more direct and the transmission partly translated differently, gives the coupe the pulse accelerator, which also blows off the last bit of dust from the series - no wonder that the two-door car on average is the youngest customers has the highest conquest rate.

The performance range extends from 156 PS to 510 PS
The performance range extends from 156 PS to 510 PS

While the head of the series obviously has fun with the prototypes and praises the coupé as the liveliest C-Class, the backbenchers pay the bill for the beautiful appearance: Once you have penetrated into the depths of the room, you can sit there quite tolerably. But the way through the narrow hatch is enough gymnastics for the whole week. Never mind, says Früh. First of all, in a coupé, the rule "If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer." And secondly, the Swabians know from their customer research that the back seat is usually nothing more than an extension of the trunk anyway. Incidentally, you can take that literally: unlike on the previous model, you can now also fold down the backrest.

Three is better than two - but the series manager does not want to rely on this formula for the long term at an early stage. He doesn't want to officially confirm it yet. But you only have to look at the portfolio at Audi and BMW and grin at the corresponding demand, then the C-Class convertible seems pretty tangible. In any case, the right formula for success for family planning already exists: four wins.

Author: Benjamin Bessinger / SP-X

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