News: Mercedes Concept GLC Coupé - Second cut

Mercedes expands its range of SUV coupes. Even before the corresponding variant of the M-Class successor, the GLE, comes onto the market in summer, the Stuttgart Auto Show with the Concept GLC Coupé shows how such a mix of off-road and sports cars could look a class lower. It is still a study, the production car will follow 2016.


The standard GLC will first make its debut at the IAA in autumn this year. Compared to the predecessor GLK, not only the name changes, but also the appearance. Instead of the design based on the angular off-road vehicles of the G-Class, there are sporty lines in the style of GLA and GLE. These should be particularly pronounced in the GLC Coupé, which features a cut rear, frameless side windows and muscular attachments. The study includes power domes on the hood, two vertically arranged double tailpipes and an underride guard with cooling slots.

The drive was chosen to match the sporty appearance. The V450 biturbo petrol engine known from the C6 AMG sedan works with 270 kW / 367 PS under the bonnet and distributes its power to all four wheels via automatic nine-speed control. The four-cylinder turbo gasoline and diesel from the C-Class would also be conceivable for the production model. The same applies to the two hybrid drives - with and without plug-in technology. The price list for the GLC should start at something under 50.000 euros.


The GLC Coupé has to compete primarily against the BMW X4. The Munich-based company had successfully founded the SUV coupé class in 2008 with the large X6, and since spring 2014 the smaller X4 has been advertising customers as a sleek alternative to the X3. Audi is now also planning corresponding versions of its Q models.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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