News: Mercedes G 500 4 × 4² - The quadrature goes into series

The most striking feature of the over-G are its portal axes, which give him not only more ground clearance, but also a martial appearance

Mercedes builds the off-road vehicle G500 4 × 4² in series. The extreme off-roader, which the Stuttgart-based company initially only showed as a study, can be ordered from € 226.100 and will roll on and off German roads from December. The most striking feature of the Über-G is its portal axles, which not only give it more ground clearance, but also a martial appearance.

The series models of the G-Class deliver the body and ladder frame, the permanent all-wheel drive including portal axles is inherited by the G 500 4 × 4² from the model brother AMG G 63 6 × 6. In contrast to conventional rigid axles, the portal axles are not at the center of the wheel, but are much higher up. This increases the ground clearance of the G 500 4 × 4² to 45 centimeters and the wading depth to one meter. In addition, the terrain reduction in the transfer case and three differentials that can be locked while driving ensure sovereignty even off the road.

The new 4,0 liter V8 biturbo under the hood delivers 310 kW / 422 PS and allows the Extreme-G to go from 7,4 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds. The unit is based on the new generation of V8 engines developed by Mercedes-AMG, which is also used in the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car, for example. Also new is the chassis with double spring shock absorber legs and adjustable damping with Sport mode. In conjunction with the 22 inch rims and tires of the dimensions 325 / 55 R 22, which are clearly wide thanks to the portal axles, this should ensure that the luxury G-Class can be driven dynamically despite the higher center of gravity.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X


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