News: Mercedes GLC - curves instead of edges

Mercedes is launching the GLC in the autumn

New name, new concept: Mercedes not only changes the model name of GLK to GLC in its mid-range SUV, but also the complete styling. Instead of a robust quasi off-road vehicle in G-class tradition, the Allrader now appears as a sleek sports UV with gently sloping roofline. The five-door model will be launched in mid-September at prices from 44.500 euros.

Visually, the GLC is now based on the dynamic style of GLA and GLE (formerly M-Class), the angular design of the GLK is passé. The interior is also softer with the curved center console, the freestanding screen and the round air intakes. Thanks to the fuller forms, the space available has grown. The wheelbase stretched by almost 12 centimeters to 2,87 meters promises more foot space in row two, the overall length increased by the same amount (4,66 meters) and the plus of 5 centimeters in width should also generally lead to a more airy feeling of space. The basic loading space has increased by 80 liters to 550 liters, maximum 1.600 liters fit behind the large flap (plus 50 liters).

At the start in autumn there will initially be three well-known engines, including two diesel. An 2,1 liter four-cylinder with 125 kW / 170 PS acts as the entry point, and a variant with the same displacement with 150 kW / 204 PS ranks above it. Both engines transmit their power via a Neungangautomatik to all four wheels. The same applies to the single gasoline engine, a 2,0 liter four-cylinder turbo with 155 kW / 211 PS. Compared with the engines of its predecessor, the revised units are said to have become more economical by up to 19 percent and both diesel with five liters of fuel get along. All-wheel drive is standard in every engine variant.

In terms of technology, the medium-sized SUV has what the related C-Class, E- and S-Class have had on board recently. This also includes the traffic jam pilot with stop-and-go function, a crosswind assistant and a collision warning system for inattentive backers.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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