News: Tuning for the Mercedes C-Class station wagon - the stronger loading masters

Barely half a year after the market launch, Brabus is now also revising the station wagon version of the Mercedes C-Class. The Bottroper tuner offers for all gasoline and diesel variants a motor tuning and customized body parts.

For all C-Class models - whether sedan or station wagon - wheels in 18, 19 or 20-inch diameter are also available. Brabus also offers a sports suspension developed jointly with Bilstein, which lowers the C-Class by three centimeters. The sportiest option in this regard is a coilover suspension that can not only be tailored to the wishes of the customer in terms of height.


The tuning kit for the C 250 petrol engine changes the power of 25 KW / 34 PS to 180 KW / 245 PS and should be able to be installed in less than an hour. There is also additional power for the other four-cylinder turbo gasoline engines: the C 180 15 kW / 21 PS gets more power, the C 200 adds 30 kW / 41 PS. The diesel engines Brabus also helps to more power. The C 220 gets stronger by 26 kW / 35 horsepower, the C 250 strengthened from 150 kW / 204 horsepower to 173 kW / 235 horsepower.

For the interior, numerous finishing options such as aluminum pedals or special floor protectors are offered. Also special interior fittings in leather and Alcantara can be found in the accessories list of Bottroper.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X


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