Power play: Mercedes-AMG E43 - the station wagon!

Powerplay in the Mercedes Touristik and transport model - the T-Modell

The T-Model of the Mercedes E-Class celebrated its premiere in Stuttgart today and of course the practical Stuttgart is also available with the completely newly developed 2.0 liter diesel engine. And with a small four-cylinder gasoline engine with turbocharging. But who wants to see that? The premium transporter needs a premium drive. Here comes the inflated (and not hand-assembled) V6 Bi-Turbo with 401 PS just right.

9-speed and all-wheel drive

The 4.7 hp, 100 Nm of the V401, which are engaged between 520 and 6 revolutions and last but not least the traction advantage of the Mercedes 2.500matic all-wheel drive ensure that it goes from zero to 5.000 in 4 seconds. The fact that the E43 can also use the 9-speed automatic transmission not only helps efficiency in the end on long journeys, but also makes the sprint entertaining. While the Turbo inflated the V6 to 1.1 bar, AMG devoted itself to the switching times of the 9G-Tronic. The press kit promises us faster gear changes, a downshift over several gears and a more emotional driving experience.

Who also wants to belong to the Mercedes-AMG family of the E43 can be recognized immediately from the outside. Pithy apron, a stocky appearance and the confident appearance of a sporty streamlined combination car. The front axle got a stronger negative fall, the air body control was readjusted. The axle bearing rubbers have been designed to be more rigid, which promises more agile, more direct handling. The all-wheel drive of the E43 was deliberately designed to be rear-heavy. 69 percent of the power goes towards the rear axle. This also promises agile driving behavior.

The new Mercedes-AMG E 43 4MATIC T-Model celebrates its world premiere at the same time as the Mercedes-Benz T-Model on June 6, 2016, the sales release takes place on September 14, 2016, the market launch begins in December 2016.



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