Premiere: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé

Coupe without six!

Mercedes-Benz presents the coupé variant of the C-Class and “forgets” the six-cylinder engines. 

The “small S-Coupé” is celebrating its world premiere at the IAA, but the covers are already falling!

The new C-Class variant should be a fascinating coupé. Modern luxury and “stylish driving fun” want to be combined under the cover of the C-Class Coupé. Mercedes-Benz PR even speaks of a sensual design - but not a word about the “sensual clarity” in this presentation. Yet this coupé could have flirted with it, unlike that beaded SUV coupe version of the GLE.

Photo gallery for the latest Mercedes-Benz Coupé

The most important facts about the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé:

World premiere celebrates the C-Class Coupe at the IAA in September, in the market it will be available from December. The prices Mercedes-Benz has not yet announced, my estimate for the entry-level engine C180 Coupe is just under 35.000 €.

From the beginning, the coupe is 15 mm lower than the saloon and the stretched area between the front edge of the door and the wheel arch (comfort level) make it look sporty and dynamic. The rear reminiscent of the big brother, the S-Class Coupe, and gives the impression of optical tidiness.

The new generation grew in total by 95 mm in length, with 80 mm benefiting the wheelbase. In width, the coupe grew by 40 mm. Mercedes-Benz promises that growth will benefit the inmates in particular. This should put the new C-Class Coupé in a rake with the current E-Class Coupe.

Like the sedan, the two-door model is also available with the option of “incredibly good” air suspension, an absolute exception in this segment!

The base engine is a 1.6 liter four-cylinder with turbocharging and 156 PS. Above that rank the two 2.0 liter four-cylinder with 184 and 211 PS (C180, C200, C250). The top engine is first the C300, also with a two-liter four-cylinder and 245 PS. The diesel engines use the 2.1 liter with 170 or 204 PS (220d, 250d).

And where are the power units left?

The C400 and the C450 Sport should only be a matter of time - both engines promise enormous driving pleasure, especially in the C-Class. And I would also expect a C63 AMG variant by the latest in Geneva (automobile salon)!

So that the basic engines can work as efficiently as possible, a lot of fine tuning of the aerodynamics is necessary. Mercedes-Benz promises a first-class cW value of 0.26 for the coupé variant. Economical consumption even over land should be feasible. If you want to save up on shifting, you can optionally use the 7 automatic transmission with the petrol engines. Starting from the C250 the handset falls out of the program. For the diesel engines, Mercedes-Benz optionally combines the new 9 automatic transmission with the engines. Whereby the C250d comes ex works with the 9-gear automatic.

In the safety and assistance system, Mercedes-Benz packs everything into the C-Class Coupé, which is currently available in the Group's modular system.

More about the new C-Class Coupé coming soon! 



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