Premiere: The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé

Mercedes combines two vehicle segments with the GLE Coupè. SUV and four-door coupe.

With the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, Mercedes-Benz presents for the first time one BMW X6 opponents. While the Stuttgart had to watch helplessly as BMW ensnared the rich and famous of the world with the idea of ​​the “useless SUV coupé” and successfully, from 2015 the “Stuttgart Giant” will be sent into the competition.

The fat thing. Pointless. Useless. Desires.

Mercedes-Benz GLE - world premiere

While the BMW X6 can be assumed to have an optical dynamic, the “Stuttgart giant” looks clumsy in a princely manner. The roof, sloping too early and gently, seems helpless to ask what makes sense. One owes him an answer. The all-round view is likely to be just as catastrophic as with other embrasure tanks. The meaning of this vehicle class can only be described with “Because it is possible”. The utility is reduced to a minimum, the effort that has to be made to be able to move such a vehicle dynamically is enormous. The everyday life for the passengers in row one is probably more than princely - but again and again you have to ask yourself: Why and for what? 

Despite the new name, the GLE Coupé is not a completely new development. The revised platform of the Mercedes ML is used under the sheet metal. Refreshed with a few important details such as the 9-speed automatic machine and the full package of assistance and driving safety systems. Well-known motors serve as the drive, even if some with new numerical values. The GLE 450 Coupé will have the 3-liter V6 turbo under the hood, which gives it a good boost with 367 hp and 520 Nm. Despite the curb weight of 2.2 tons.

For the first time, the 9 automatic transmission with the 4matic four-wheel drive is combined in the GLE Coupé. While the 258 PS strong diesels and the 333 PS strong turbo V6 in the GLE 400 with an even force distribution on the road, the GLE 450 will shift the drive torque with 60% in favor of an increased dynamism.

The GLE Coupé will have its world premiere at the Auto Show in Detroit in early January. I will blog a first live impression of the “big thing” directly from the fair. Out of the car. Promised! And maybe I'll find the answer to my questions ...

More pictures? More written information from the official press release? You can find on the net ... 




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