Premiere Mercedes-Benz GLC

The high C

Premiere of the Stuttgart mid-size SUV in the second generation

Less consumption, extra version for off-road fans and with plug-in hybrid technology right from the start. The Stuttgart premium brand Mercedes-Benz draws on the full with the second generation of the mid-range SUV. As with the premieres of the new S-Class and C-Class last year, the second GL will also be premieredKC-generation of new assistance systems, more safety, more comfort and more premium feeling accompanied in the interior. However, the new GLC has lost its previous name and its rough edges. Round and therefore more dynamic he should work now. Design is one thing that others can judge. One thing is clear: the design of the SUV has been adapted to the design language of the C and S Class. But we focus on the technology.

Second model generation

Contrary to our first Message (link) Under the cover of the GLC, there is a lot more of the new C-Class than the GLK-named predecessor. So the GLC grew both in wheelbase and in overall length. The result is clear: more space for the occupants.

As with the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz offers two chassis technologies. On the one hand the classic steel suspension in connection with adjustable dampers (agility control) as well as in an optional version the air suspension called “Air Body Control”. The off-road version (off-road technology package) in the version with air suspension offers a possible plus in ground clearance of up to 5 centimeters. A total ground clearance of 22.7 centimeters is then available. There are also 5 off-road driving programs for the driving dynamics system, special underbody protection equipment and a dedicated “off-road light”.

The GLC is offered in 4 exterior variants according to customer requirements: The basic model, the Exclusive-Line model, the AMG Line and the Offroad-Line. The customer can combine different design and equipment packages. The Night Package can be combined with the AMG-Line or Exclusive-Line. An off-road technology package goes well with the off-road line, thanks to the modified bumpers, the approach angle has been increased.

9 gears for 4 wheels

The GLC is from the beginning with the new 9-gear automatic in conjunction with the Mercedes-own four-wheel drive 4matic offered (Exception: The plug-in hybrid version!). A planetary gear set distributes the power in a ratio of 45 to 55% between the front and rear axles. The output for the front axle is no longer integrated, as was previously the case with the 7-speed gearbox, but via a flanged transfer case. The 9-speed automatic retains its magnesium housing and thus also contributes to the diet of the GLK successor. Mercedes-Benz specifies minus 80 kilograms for the GLC compared to its predecessor. In order to implement this diet - with increased comfort and improved equipment - above all the body has to slim down. For the GLC, Mercedes-Benz uses aluminum and uses it to form the front fenders, the bonnet and the roof skin. In addition, large parts of the front section are made of the light metal, as are the strut brackets all around. The complex chassis is also largely made of this material.

Premiere of 25 Mercedes-Benz GLC

The scent of the GLC

The new GLC is likely to be the first SUV that can be equipped with a “fragrance system”. Ex works. Known from the S-Class, the system works with its own Mercedes-Benz fragrances.

Premiere of 27 Mercedes-Benz GLC

More efficiency thanks to plug-in?

The powertrain of the GLC 350 e is from the C-Class known. As already experienced there, the GLC can be moved purely electrically. However, the purely electric range of the Plug-in hybrids From Mercedes in the GLC limited to only 34 km.

The drive variants of the GLC at a glance

Mercedes-Benz will offer two diesels, a gasoline engine and a plug-in hybrid. The diesel start as GLC 220 d with 170 PS, the GLC 250 d makes 204 PS and the petrol engine as GLC 250 211 PS. The plug-in hybrid combines the petrol engine of the 250 with an 85 kW electric motor.

"The high C"

With the second generation, Mercedes-Benz is significantly raising the level of the GLK. As with the C-Class, when the model changes to the GLC (the name change shows the close proximity to the C-Class) there will be more in every area. More comfort, more features, less weight, more efficiency. With the GLC, the C-Class is suitable for off-road use, "only SUV" is no longer ...


And finally:

Mercedes-Benz does not want to ignore the play instinct of the future owners, so the “virtual” GLC in the Comand display always appears in the color that is actually used on the respective vehicle.

As soon as the first GLC is available for a test drive, we will record the impressions here in the blog.




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