Fast charger for the Mercedes EQC

The Mercedes EQC now charges faster

Mercedes improves the AC charging technology of the EQC. Now the huge battery can realistically be fully charged overnight.  

In future, the Mercedes EQC will charge significantly faster at public charging stations and wall boxes. A three-phase 11 kW charger for alternating current is now standard on board, which charges the 80 kWh battery in around seven and a half hours (80 percent). Until now, buyers had to be content with a two-phase 7,4 kW on-board charger, which takes around eleven hours to fill up with the same amount of energy. The DC charging capacity of up to 110 kW at fast charging stations remains unchanged.

By decommissioning the slow AC charger, Mercedes has resolved one of the criticisms of the large electric SUV. The base prices for the 300 kW / 408 PS strong all-wheel drive will not increase due to the technology update and start at 69.484 euros.


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