The new V-Class from Mercedes - luxury in the Middle Kingdom

No country in the world likes driving Mercedes as much as China

There is the world's largest market for the S-Class and the V-Class is very popular with the Chinese. Whenever you want to travel exclusively in groups, the luxury of the V-Class is most welcome. But Mao's heirs are not only enthusiastic about the V-Class, they like everything that is luxurious, has cost a lot of money and drives on four wheels. 

The main thing is luxury

Gone are the days when people dressed in the same way transported entire fitted kitchens on bicycles. Today's Chinese are no longer “Mao ants”, but city dwellers, spoiled by luxury, who really let it rip in the evening. Anyone who is out and about in Beijing's Sanlitun nightlife district will find a high density of Rolls-Royce, Maybach or the flat representatives from Porsche and Lamborghini. There are also plenty of Mercedes ders to be found among all the swanky bodies and sports cars V-Class. If the ladies and gentlemen have had too much to drink, then they like to be chauffeured home in groups in the V-Class.

The market continues to grow

The Maybach, the E-Class and of course the S-Class are unbeatable for those partying alone and couples, for rich Chinese who want to chat in groups, the large V-Class is just the thing. Every fourth car that is sold rolls on China's streets. This is not surprising as the car is built in a 600.000 square meter factory in Fuzhou. What is it that so fascinates the Chinese about the luxury limousine from Swabia? It is above all the great level of comfort that hardly any other car in this class can offer.

All the amenities

While buyers of the V-Class in Europe still sit conventionally, the Chinese can make themselves comfortable in cozy, soft lounge chairs. Of course, there are also soft pillows as well as foot and neck rests. The lighting is colorful and there is a lot of wood, because that's what the spoiled residents of the Middle Kingdom like.

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