Preview the new SMART ED

Part 5 of the five-part series on the electrification of mobility at Mercedes-Benz

View of the smart ED

Annette Winkler, the boss at smart, never tires of emphasizing that the smart was conceived, designed and planned for purely electric operation from the start. The only thing that wasn't quite ready with the mass market. The smart was used for the first time in 2007 in a test fleet in London as an “ED” - electric drive. It was still a long time before the first smart ED could be bought from smart dealers. Smart will present the latest generation of the “electric city runabout” at the Paris Motor Show. We provide a first outlook.

The smart alternative?

As a convertible, as a coupé and as a four-seater in the smart forfour - when the new smart ED comes onto the market, it will not miss any variant. The city runabout will then offer an electrical alternative for every need.

Topless electrical

Fresh air fans will have to look at the smart ED as a convertible. Let the wind blow silently through your hair while cruising through the Big City. Annette Winkler promises a particularly intense experience of the new “topless” and “no emissions” smart.

tec day intelligent drive train 059 mercedes-benz

6.95 meter turning circle, the electric table saw?

With its perfect turning circle of 6.95 meters, the smart fortwo is the ideal city car solution. The electric variant will also completely eliminate local emissions and therefore bring the torque fun of the potent electric motor into play. The eWe were able to do electrical smart ED in 2013 in New York already driving and the verdict was clear at the time: Electrically, the smart is the best smart you can buy. The electric drive is the only logical solution for a city car.

smart ed in new york
Back then. 2013 - Test drive of the “smart ED” in New York.

US first

The smart ED, powered by an electric motor from France, will celebrate its world premiere in Paris and will then be delivered in the USA later this year. The decision to launch the new SMART ED first in the United States was probably due to the success of the electrical variants in the land of unlimited possibilities. German customers will then receive the new smart ED at the beginning of 2017. The two and four-seaters will be available at the same time.

tec day intelligent drive train 103 mercedes-benz
Does the new smart get the CCS connector?

Shorter loading times

The success and acceptance of electric vehicles also depends to a large extent on their charging times, even for city vehicles. The shorter the better. Since Mercedes-Benz itself wants to support the CCS standard, the new smart ED could be the first group vehicle with charging plugs in accordance with the CCS standard.

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