World premiere: Mercedes presents the station wagon of the C-Class (S205)

Combi, Touring, Avant? At Mercedes, the practical variance of a series always bears the name T-model. And here are the first photos of the T-model of the new C-Class.

If the W205 becomes a S205, then the thing has a catch!

W205 stands for the series designation of new C-class, As soon as the big hatchback comes into play, the W becomes an S and the expert can now interpret it: S205 is the T-model the new C-Class. Not so difficult.

Mercedes-Benz gave me the opportunity to take a look at the new star of the station wagon class before the world premiere and investigative - as I am now - I also found a catch on the new station wagon!

But now - one after the other:

In addition to the 8 centimeters longer wheelbase, which the C-Class sedan also got, the estate model grew by a total of 9.6 centimeters compared to its predecessor. Not only longer, but also wider by 4 centimeters. Almost the entire increase in length benefits the passengers in row two and the cargo area. This means that the S205 (C-Class T-Model) is almost on par with the old E-Class station wagon. Space and variability are basic virtues for a station wagon version at Mercedes, and the new T-model of the C-Class is no exception.

The new rear seat bench is now divided in the ratio 40:20:40 and thus offers more variability than the 60:40 division of the previous model. In addition to the option of electrically flattening the rear seat backs at the push of a button, the T-Model of the C-Class now also has an electric tailgate (optional) and the possibility of opening the tailgate by “kicking” below the bumper (also optional).

In the engines, Mercedes will offer the new estate version of the C-Class with three four-cylinder petrol and a six-cylinder gasoline engine. The performance ranges from 156 PS to 333 PS. Who prefers the diesel engine, has the choice between the 115 PS diesel from the cooperation with Renault and the revised dual-turbo diesel with up to 204 PS, which are a pure Mercedes development. Later followed by a diesel hybrid (204 PS Diesel and 27 PS E engine) and a gasoline plug-in hybrid with 210 PS turbo four-cylinder and 70 PSE electric motor. As C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid (Diesel hybrid), the C-Kombi comes to a standard consumption of 3.8 liters on 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a CO² emission of 99 grams per kilometer!

C-class combination 01 s205 hook

The interior corresponds - with the exception of the loading compartment - to the modern interior of the new C-Class and, like this one, also features the new touchpad and the curved center console. But still - the C-Class as an estate has one catch - no, it even has two catches:

C-class combination 03 s205 hook

And on these hooks - you hang the jacket.

If someone asks what these hooks can be used for, then it should be pointed out: The T-models are cars for people - who love practical solutions. As an example: Anyone who goes for a walk with their dog and hangs up their raincoat, wants to take off their shoes and does not want to sit on their jacket, or who just wants to get in shape before a business meeting after a long car journey - depends on them Unhook his jacket.

Okay - these two hooks do not offer more serious practical advantages - maybe this is the hook on the hook. But they still show that practical thinking is at Mercedes.

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