Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid - Landmann with two hearts

With the new edition of the Mini Countryman, the BMW subsidiary is also launching a plug-in hybrid version of its SUV offshoot

With the new edition of Mini Countryman is also launching a plug-in hybrid version of its SUV offshoot on the BMW subsidiary. Now the people of Munich have announced the first information about their SUV with double-heart drive, which is expected to be available in the coming year.

While the internal combustion engine drives the front wheels, the electric motor transfers its power to the rear wheels. Both units can also provide propulsion on their own; if the drive slips, the second motor is activated, so the traction and driving stability are to be optimized via the drive system. In any case, those responsible emphasize that the plug-in hybrid in the Mini is not just about efficiency, but also about driving pleasure.

The components for the electric drive positioned deep in the rear lower the center of gravity and distribute the weight evenly between the front and rear axles. The high-voltage battery is installed under the rear seats. Mini does not yet say anything about the capacity of the power storage and the range of the part-time electric car. But certainly to the top speed that is possible in purely electric mode: 125 km / h.

At first glance, the Countryman plug-in hybrid, which is still disguised, can only be recognized by its plug flap in front of the driver's door. On the inside, a power indicator takes up the space of the tachometer in the instrument cluster. (Hanne Schweitzer / SP-X)

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